Friday, April 22, 2016

let it go.

If there's something you need to know about Kate, it's that she is 100% girl.  I've mentioned before on here that she forbids pants to be a regular part of her wardrobe.  This has been going on for months now, and I've decided to embrace the cuteness of her little girlhood while it lasts.

One day I was organizing my closet & came upon my old ballet costume from when I was 16.  My first thought was - Kate will LOVE this!  Number one, it's a dress. Number two, it's a BALLERINA dress.  Number three, it was her mommy's from when she was young-er. I knew she'd get a kick out of that!  I let her put it on, turned on her favorite Elsa songs and let her have at it.

She immediately ran over to the mirror and I'm pretty sure she's never felt more beautiful.

I hope you always dance like no one's watching, sweet girl!

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Ella Rose - SIX month update!

Sweet baby Ella is six months old today.

We finally decided to start solids a couple of weeks ago - we were hoping it would help her sleep through the night, but it didn't work.  However, she LOVES her food!  I've just been steaming and pureeing simple fruits and veggies in my Beaba & she has loved everything so far.  Green beans, apples, pears, bananas, avocado - she gobbles it all up.  I LOVE feeding her and the girls love to help.

Speaking of sleep, she is not doing so great these days.  She gets up a couple of times a night to eat (sometimes three times!) but thankfully it's just a quick snack and she goes back to sleep.

Still no chompers, but I think we are definitely teething now - she is constantly chewing on her hands and anything else she can get a hold of.  She hasn't seemed to be very fussy or uncomfortable though - so that's a plus!

After losing almost all her hair at 4-5 months, she is growing back lots of new fuzzy locks!

She still is not sitting up or scooting yet.  Very okay with this mama - she can stay my little non-mobile baby as long as she wants!!

Very consistent with naps now - a morning, afternoon, and a cat nap in the late afternoon/early evening.  She is usually out for the night around 7-7:30.

She is a little addicted to her mama.  If someone else is holding her, she's always looking around for me.  I kinda love it. :)  If she's the slightest bit hungry and I'm holding her, she will tug on my shirt and start giving me hickeys.  It's so funny to watch that little piggy!

She seems to have a very calm, sweet disposition.  She is definitely still my easiest baby by far.

She wears 3-6 month clothes, just graduated to size two diapers, & still rocking her size one shoes.  It's strange having such a tiny baby!  People constantly think she's younger.

She is starting to really love her toys.  Her sisters are ALWAYS bringing her stuff.  I'm a little afraid she is going to be spoiled with how much attention she gets all the time.  She is never left alone & is always being entertained.  We are all just so smitten by her cuteness!

When she wakes up in the morning and from naps, she just plays on her back in her crib and squeals. Going to get her after she wakes up is my favorite - she is just SO happy to see us!

Recently graduated to riding in the stroller big girl style - she loves going on walks in the afternoon with her sisters and I.

Basically, we are just loving every second with this sweet baby.  I was so nervous when I was pregnant with her that I wasn't going to be able to cuddle & play with her as much as I wanted since I had two other little girls to take care of -- but that has been no problem!  Whatever I'm doing, she's always right there & I just love it.  When the girls are entertaining themselves, I'm always sneaking off to snuggle & play with her & I love our "us" time.  It also helps that she nurses every two hours still & prefers to do that alone in the rocking chair so she doesn't get distracted.

You are the light of our lives, Ella girl!  Stop growing up so fast, please!  

Wednesday, March 30, 2016



Five year old Aubrey is so much fun.  I love how she is interested in so many things.  Her latest hobby is everything BUGS!  She got a bug collecting kit for Easter and has spent countless hours since in the backyard collecting all sorts of critters.  She is like the ladybug whisperer & they gravitate towards her!  
She also recently has learned to add simple numbers together and loves being quizzed.  Maybe we have a future mathlete on our hands! 


Oh Kate.  Or Kater Tot as she has requested we call her now.  Kate is definitely our most mischievous kiddo, (don't tell her) but also our funniest. (Don't tell Aubs) She has a meltdown almost every single day when it's time to get dressed.  I set out the girls' outfits on their dressers the night before to save time in the mornings, & if there are pants set out for her to wear, she is NOT a happy camper.  "THOSE ARE BOYS PANTS!  I WANT TO WEAR A DRESS!  PANTS ARE FOR BOYS!" I don't know where she got this logic from, but she is very sure that girls must not wear pants.  On days we don't leave the house, she'll take off her pants the second I'm not looking and insist her shirt is a dress.  I know I will laugh at this phase someday.  RIGHT?!
Kate is still Ella's biggest fan.  I thought the new baby novelty would have worn off by now, but man does she love her baby sister.  It's truly heart melting.  I remember being a bit sad they weren't going to be super close in age like her and Aubrey are, but it hasn't seemed to matter one bit.  I have a feeling they are going to be great friends one day.  


I won't say too much about this little dream bug since her six month post will be up next week.  

We ended up starting solids last week - I had hopes it would help her sleep through the night - aaaand it didn't work.  BUT she has loved food so far - especially fruit of course.  So far I have made her apples, bananas, avocado, squash, & pears.  She was pretty indifferent about avocado, but can't get enough of everything else.  The girls got to help feed her the first time & loved every second.  It's so fun introducing such a great part of life with her - FOOD! 
 She has discovered looking at herself in the mirror & she is VERY fond of herself.  I can leave her there for about ten minutes sometimes and she will just coo and smile at herself.  It's so narcissistic and hilarious. 
She plays with her little feet ALL day long.  
Man do we love her!!

easter '16.

This year's Easter holiday was a good one.  It snuck up on me QUICKLY this year (but I feel like I've said that about every holiday since having Ella!).

Early in the week the moms in our ward had an Easter egg hunt for the kids.  The kids had so much fun and make out like bandits of course.  (We are loving our new ward by the way!  Even though it's been six months, still feels pretty new anyways...)  Aubrey was pretty excited to score some Star Wars fruit snacks in some eggs!  She's still obsessed.  

On the Saturday before Easter we did a few fun things at home like make bunny pancakes & decorated Easter eggs.  The girls chose the tie-dye sparkle kit of course - it was just as messy as it sounds. :)

^ It might look like the saddest un-Pinterest worthy bunny pancake of all time, but it sure brought smiles to my girls faces!  But seriously they are going to look at this and laugh at me one day.

We spent Easter Sunday opening Easter baskets early in the morning, (8:30 church is a killer!) going to church, & later on family came over.  

I got to host Easter dinner this year, which was a first for me & an exciting one because we actually got to put our formal dining room to good use.  Steve originally wanted to put a pool table in this room but I convinced him that we "needed" a formal dining room. ;) 

Ella's first Easter was definitely a hit!  I felt especially blessed this Easter with her added sweetness to our family.  I love this holiday so much.  I'm grateful for our Savior's sacrifice, life & resurrection so that I can be with MY family forever.  Such a wonderful gift for us all.

Friday, March 11, 2016

Aubrey's Princess Party!

Last weekend Aubrey had her 5th birthday party.  She originally requested a Jasmine party, but we soon discovered they don't really make "Jasmine" party stuff - apparently she is getting kind of old in princess world since Elsa, Anna, & Rapunzel have showed up.  After letting her know the bad news, she was very open to the idea of a general Disney princess party - she loves them all! I got her a Jasmine costume & that was enough to fulfill her dreams of Agrabah.  Isn't she the cutest little (caucasian) Jasmine you've ever seen?

My plan was to do a SUPER simple party and just rent a bounce house, order some pizzas, and have the kids just play, eat, have cake, and go home.  But of course we are in the middle of El Nino weather here and I saw it was going to be stormy on the day of the party.  I thought about rescheduling, but then saw the next weekend was supposed to be rainy as well.  I decided at the last minute to hire a princess to come to the party and basically host it.  BEST idea ever!  We kept it a secret from Aubrey & she was so surprised & excited when she showed up.  The princess hosted the whole party & did story time, singing, dancing, & face painting.  She made Aubrey feel very special & I really think she thought it was the greatest day ever!

I got these princess favor bags off Etsy for each girl along with a crown.  The detail in the bags was so adorable!  Aubrey and Kate loved filling them up with little goodies for their friends and were so excited to give them out.

While grocery shopping with the girls one day at SaveMart Aubrey saw this Rapunzel cake in the bakery window & about died.  She LOVED it so I had to get it for her party.  

I also ordered these cupcake toppers off Etsy and had the bakery match the frosting colors to the princess dresses.  I think they turned out super cute!

I made this tutu table skirt a couple nights before the party.  It took FOREVER but Aubrey loved it.

We brought the girls' dress up stuff downstairs so all the little girls could dress up if they wanted to.  

Our five year old!  This is her new signature pose.  We think she is pretty fabulous.

My three princesses.

The little merbabe.

Princess Rapunzel arrived!  

So magical.

But seriously - can Rapunzel come to my 27th birthday party?!

And just like that - she is five!  Seeing her so mesmerized by the princess almost made me teary eyed.   I know soon she won't be so excited by princesses, dressing up, & fairy tales - in fact this may be the last year she is into all of it.  I love her sweet innocence and hope she clings to it as long as possible.  

You sure are special, Aubrey Jane!  I hope your birthday weekend was as magical as you are.