Thursday, June 23, 2016


At the beginning of the month Steve, Ella and I spent a week in the beautiful island of Kauai together.  We had originally planned on visiting New York since we had never been there, but we decided something a little more relaxing would be better with a baby in tow.  It was fun getting to spend the week with our sweet baby girl and give her lots of one on one time that she rarely gets being the third kiddo.  The big girls stayed back with Grammy and Papa - we missed them lots but knew they were having the week of their lives being spoiled rotten there!

Straight off the plane we had to stop at our favorite restaurant, Duke's.  The fish tacos and hula pie are so delicious - my mouth waters thinking about them!

We were able to use Marriott points that Steve gets through his work to stay at our resort - it was the perfect location and had it's own private beach, and a huge pool. The above picture shows the kid's pool - I really missed Aubs and Kate when we saw that slide.  They would have LOVED it!

As you can imagine with a baby we didn't have a lot of plans for excursions or anything, so we had plenty of down time.  I might have taken a picture or two...thousand. ;)  Give me a beautiful location, a chubby baby in a swimsuit, and a camera and it's my own photographer paradise right there.

Several times we would just lounge in the chairs at the resort's beach and read while Ella hung out in the shade.  We took turns reading the murder mystery "The Girl on the Train" and it was so good!  It was the first time we read a book together and it was fun having our own little "book club" together and discussing what we thought was going to happen.

One morning we drove around to check out some waterfalls - we have a picture of Steve & I in front of this one from six years ago.

Beach day in Poipu!  She loved dipping her toes in the water and playing in the sand.  (AKA trying to eat the sand.)

More relaxing on the beach.  We came out almost every night until she was tired out and ready to sleep.

My poor husband was such a good sport with all my photoshoots of Ella on the beach.  He thinks most my ideas are silly, but even Steve couldn't resist his baby mermaid. :)

On our way to Waimea Canyon! It ended up pouring rain the whole time there, so I don't have any pictures to show for it.  Kauai has crazy weather and can be pouring rain one second, and bright and sunny minutes later.

My favorite day was spent on the North side of the island.  The beaches are breathtaking and the weather was PERFECT.  Everywhere you go on Kauai looks like a postcard, but the North is especially beautiful.

  Kauai must not get a lot of baby visitors because Ella was such a hit everywhere we went!  I know I'm biased but I'm pretty sure she's darn cute. :)

Her first little taste of shave ice - it was nearly the size of her own head!

So weird taking a family picture with just the three of us.  By this point of the trip I was missing the girls SO badly.  I know I'm home with them every single day, ALL day, but man I missed their sweet faces!  One morning we saw a mother duck with her three baby chicks following her, and I broke down and started crying.  It felt so unnatural not having my own little three chicks with me. 

^^ "Babe, take a picture of me looking like I'm falling off the cliff!"  Him and I have SUCH different ideas of photo ops. 

The last time we visited Kauai six years ago we had just lost our first pregnancy and it was our "get away from our sadness" trip.  I had taken the loss pretty hard and was more depressed than I had ever been during that time.  If only I could have told myself that six short years later, I would be bringing our third baby here and that everything was going to be okay.  

Til' next time, Kauai!  

Monday, June 13, 2016

Ella Rose - EIGHT Months!

This baby has changed in almost every way possible since her 7 month update!
The most exciting new milestone Ella has mastered: scooting!  She has taken after Aubrey and started out her mobility with army crawling.  She is slow, but she gets where she wants to go eventually!  I'm a bit bummed I have to keep my floors clean now, but so excited for her and her new discovery.

Her first word is officially "dada".  Actually, it is more like "Dadadadadada" and she doesn't exactly aware that it is anyone's name, (much to Steve's dismay), but she sure sounds cute babbling away!

Ella got her first TOOTH this month.  We are lucky parents because we had NO idea she was teething!  One day she was gnawing on my finger and I felt something sharp.  She has.. ahem .. bitten me a few times which is NOT fun, but hopefully will stop soon.  Ouch!  

She has learned a few more tricks: clapping, (which she does sporadically throughout the day), waving at strangers (although she has been doing that last month, she does it much more now), & gives kisses on demand!  You have to be lucky with that last one though.  The girl is stingy with who she gives her kisses to!

She makes all sorts of new noises this month, the most common is one that sounds like a tongue clicking noise.  She also blows raspberries all day long.

Her hair is growing more and more and keeps sticking straight up!  She gets so many comments on it while out and about - it's pretty awesome. ;)

She went on her first big trip to Hawaii this month (post to come) and was a little rockstar!  

She is starting to eat little pieces of whatever we have for dinner.  We just brought out the high chair and she loves sitting with us at dinner and feeding herself.  She still has baby food twice a day, and plenty of nursing sessions.  She's an eater, that girl!  

She's a good napper and takes a morning, afternoon, and sometimes a cat nap in the early evening.  She gets up once a night to eat.  Not too shabby - but I do look forward to the day she sleeps all night long!  

Ella has changed so much in the past month, it's as if our tiny cuddly, non-mobile baby transformed overnight!  I'm so grateful that she decided to stay a baby a little longer than my first two did and take her time with all these milestones.  Now that they are here, I'm reminded how exciting it is and I'm so happy for her to experience all these new things! We are having so much fun with her, and plan on soaking up these last few months of babyhood because I know they will gone in a flash.  

Friday, May 20, 2016

big girl bath.

Ella recently outgrew her Puj tub (which we just LOVED for her first six months and I'd recommend it to everyone!) so I gave her her very first sink bath the other week.  When I was pregnant and we  were building our house, I remember picking our deep apron style sink and imagining someday bathing my baby in my belly in it one day. (And also to hide dishes in it.) 

She splashed and splashed and loved being in the bath like a "big girl!"