Tuesday, July 8, 2014

eighteen months.

My baby girl turned a year and a half over the weekend!  

So much to say about this little lady.  

First and foremost - she has started talking SO MUCH!  Every day she says a new word it seems.  My absolute favorites that come out of her sweet mouth: "Luh you!"  & "Hello!"  She pronounces it like "Heh-whoa!"  

She just moved up to a big girl car seat (rear facing) & loves riding in style.

She wears 12-18 month clothes but I just recently started unpacking Aubrey's old 18-24 month clothes. Too bad it's Summer and all of Aubrey's old stuff is sweaters & pants!  (Bummer, I guess I HAVE to go shopping ;) )

She goes to nursery each week now and besides a bit of crying when we drop her off, she does great!  Definitely feels weird not having a baby to chase during the last two hours of church...  

Her hair is getting longer & fuller, and she's starting to look a lot more like Aubrey to me now.  For the longest time I thought they looked nothing alike!  Their hair is also the exact same color.  

We stopped nursing a couple months ago, while she was around 16.5 months.  I thought it would be super emotional for me, but thankfully it wasn't.  It was a super slow process, & we were both ready.  I'm proud of both of us!

She LOVES babies.  She also loves to go touch babies, which is a problem sometimes :)

When we go to get her out of bed in the morning, she freaks out with excitement & starts rolling from side to side super fast.  It's hilarious to watch!  I really need to video tape it soon.

Kate is training to be UFC fighter.  She will go and pull Aubrey's hair, push her, etc. all with this huge smile on her face.  She loves Aubrey to death...a little too much sometimes!  Aubrey never went through this "violent" phase so this is new to me.  

No more high chair, bottles, bibs, etc. etc. etc!  It's really hit me lately that there are zero babies in this house.  Sometimes it feels overwhelming thinking about starting all over again with a new baby someday.  I can see why a lot of people stop at two!  Both girls sleep through the night, can entertain themselves, can feed themselves, etc.  so it's hard to imagine doing the whole newborn thing all over again.  With that being said, I absolutely do not feel "done" whatsoever & look forward to meeting my future babies someday!  But right now, I'm just enjoying my two toddlers.  :)  

I'm sure I'm forgetting a ton more to update about my Kitty-Kate, but this will do for now!  I love that sweet angel more than words can describe & thank the Lord every single day that I get to be her mama.  

Saturday, July 5, 2014

happy independence day!

This might have been my favorite fourth of july to date.  I loved having two TODDLERS this year.  They had nonstop fun the whole day and there's nothing that makes me happier than watching them be kids.  

We started the morning off by grabbing some festive donuts.  I didn't have time to buy fourth of july outfits this year (and I always have a hard time buying an outfit that will literally only be worn once!) so I threw together these little sorta-festive outfits the last minute.  I thought they looked pretty dang cute!

After donuts, we drove to our city's parade, which was awesome.  The girls just sat there in awe and waved their flags.  It was their first parade & CERTAINLY not their last!  

After the parade there was a carnival at a park nearby that we stopped at.  We didn't last long because Kate needed to nap, but Aubrey had some fun at her first time in a bounce house!

After nap time, we headed over to Grammy & Papa's house for a swim & tasty BBQ!  Their cousins were in town this weekend so they had a blast!!  

We ended our night with fireworks and root beer floats (duh!)  & drove home with two sleeping American beauties in the back of our car.  

I absolutely love this country & proud to raise my girls in it.  Happy Birthday, America!!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

aubrey's dance show.

This past weekend Aubrey performed as a rubber ducky at her dance show.  Her class danced to "Splish Splash" and it was incredibly cute!  She did so good and I beamed with pride the whole time.   (I might have cried happy tears, too!  There is just nothing like watching your child perform I tell ya.)

Needless to say, I took a ton of pictures of my darling dancing girl!  I took some studio pictures of her in her costume and then some right before her big show.  Cutest rubber ducky I've ever seen! 

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

aubrey jane.

This is one of those posts that you probably will only find funny if this is your own kid, but I can't help it.  I want to remember all the silly things this girl says!

We told Aubrey we were going to go get dessert one night and she said, "I like dessert.  It makes me SO strong!"  

I told Aubrey I loved her soo much & she totally beat me and said, "I love you SOO CHUBBY!"

While playing at the park, Aubrey tried to talk to another similar aged girl and the girl said, "You're not my friend."  Aubrey ignored her and kept talking.  Then the girl said, "You're not invited to my birthday party."  Aubrey replied back with, "Ummm, I like you..."  

Whenever we bring up anything about Aubrey being a big girl, or getting older, she gets really sad and says, "I don't wanna be big!"  She always is saying, "I wanna be little forever." Ok with me, sweetheart!

On that note, Aubrey once said out of the blue, "When I get bigger I wanna be a baby in your tummy again."  Creepy!

"Kate, you are such a little stinker!!"

A stranger at a store: "What your little sister's name?"  Aubrey: "Katester Bunny."  

I sure love this kid and all the laughs she provides for our family!

Sunday, June 22, 2014

lake tahoe.

As usual, we tagged along on Steve's annual Tahoe trip for his work, & as usual, enjoyed beautiful Tahoe to the fullest!  I can never get over how gorgeous that place is.  We really are lucky to be able to live so close to so many beautiful places to visit. 

We went up a day early so Steve could spend time with us.  We spent most of the day at the lake - the weather was perfection!  The water was a little too cold for me, but it's never too cold for Aubrey to want to go in!  Crazy child.  Kate and I were happy to play in the sand...  

Since the water was WAY too cold to swim in, we stopped by the pool at our condo, which was thankfully heated!  The only way I get in pools... Kate even did so much as stuck her feet in the water :)

Later on we rode the Gondola... it stops at the top of a mountain with the most breathtaking views of the lake.  Aubrey's pretty stoked about it. 

The next day my parents/brother came up to be with us while Steve worked.  It's always a great day when Grammy & Papa are around... and I sure appreciate the extra help!

First we went on a bay cruise.  Actually we went on half a bay cruise because some lady had to have the boat turn around because her toenail somehow tore off.  Ouch!  We happily took a full refund and called it a day after that.  

Probably the best part of having girls close in age...matching outfits!  (P.S. Carters actually has really cute stuff right now.) 

Kate can always fall asleep on Grammy's chest.  Probably because it's a bit softer than Mommy's!  She was super exhausted the whole trip; poor girl doesn't do too well when she's off her regular schedule.  

Our last day was spent at the lake once again... because come on.... I could watch this all day!