Tuesday, September 20, 2016


We left a day early for our Disney trip so we could spend some time in the Santa Monica/Beverly Hills area.  We had never been there before, so we picked a few "must do" activities to start off our weekend away. 

We got to Santa Monica right before sunset so the girls hopped into their suits and ran to the beach across the street from our hotel.  Our hotel had boogie boards for them to use so they got to experience that for the first time.  They didn't mind the cold water one bit!

And let's face it.  Ella was just in her suit because she looks dang cute in it.  (Last time it was worn by chubby 5 month old Aubrey in Oahu!)

I've heard so much about Shake Shack and was so excited to find out they have a location in Santa Monica.  It did NOT disappoint.  The burger and crinkle fries were AMAZING!  

Later we checked out the Sprinkles cupcake ATM...

And walked through Rodeo Drive.  Honestly we had never heard of half the designer stores and aren't really into fancy name brand stuff.. but at least Ella felt like she fit in there. ;)

Aunt Hailey has returned from her mission! (a month ago) Ella has taken to her already. :)

While we wait for her big sisters to go on the rides she can't go on yet, we have photoshoots. :)   I really wanted to take this shot in front of the castle, but there are just too many people around!

I barely took any pictures our second day, but I'm glad I took this shot. 

So the craziest/most random part of our day was when Ella was being doted on by this lady behind us in line for Small World.  They were waving back at each other and I just figured it was just another person Ella was winning over.  I later realized people were taking pictures of this lady (who I barely even looked at before) and she had a bodyguard with her.  Turns out it was Kris Jenner!  I almost feel bad this didn't happen to someone else that is actually a fan of her.  I know a lot of people that would have been SO excited to even be breathing the same air as her! Lol!

Our little Princess Leia.  We tried to sign her up for the Jedi Training that they do at Disneyland, but we were just a few people in line too late!  I felt bad we didn't get there quick enough but she didn't mind.  She got to meet some Star Wars characters so that made her day!

And this chick.  She was just happy to be able to prance around Disney in her purple tutu and sparkle tennis shoes.  Love her and all the sass that comes with her, too. :)  She was finally tall enough to go on Splash Mountain, Thunder Mountain, Tower of Terror, and some other rides she's never been able to ride before.  She LOVED Thunder Mountain but cried on the other two.  I felt a little bad that they scared her so much, hopefully she forgets about them before our next trip!

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Ella is 11 Months!

I don't think I've ever been this late for a "monthly" post for one of my kiddos.  Ive always been a bit of an overachiever at this sort of thing - but I find myself blogging less and less.  To be honest, Instagram is kind of taking over my blogging ambition.  I don't really read blogs anymore, except maybe two.  Does anyone else out there still read blogs?  I'm determined to keep at it just for documenting family trips and kid's milestones, and I also really like getting them printed into books each year.  Anyways!

My baby is 11 months.  She is so big and cute I can hardly stand it!

It is getting so hard to take her monthly flower photos!  Getting a wiggly baby to lay down and smile next to a tempting pile of carefully placed flowers is nearly impossible.  Good thing I only have one left to do!

Just in the past couple of weeks, Ella has discovered her tongue and it's constantly hanging out of her mouth.  She looks just like Dopey.  Or Miley Cyrus.

She loves music and dancing so much.  It makes her day if you hand her your phone while it plays music.  She will wave the phone around and smile and dance.

Another month has passed and she still has yet to turn down any kind of food.  She loves it all!

Still wearing size 3 diapers & 9-12 month clothes.

Crawls on hands and knees now - but still rocks her "army crawl" at times.

Starting to get a little more mischievous - today I caught her playing in the toilet - right after Kate had tinkled and hadn't flushed the toilet yet.  Nice!

Gives CLOSED mouth kisses now.  Kind of sad about that one!

Will sit in your lap as long as you keep reading books.  She loves them.

Still wakes up once a night for a quick snack.  She will stand up in her crib and yell "Mama! Mamama!" and babble it until she gets to eat. Every once in a while she will spoil us and sleep through the night, but not too often.

She is the sweetest little love.  She will lay her head on my chest randomly and let me cuddle her whenever I want.  I think it's her own way of saying "I love you, Mama!"

Loves when Daddy gets on his hands and knees and chases her.  She will crawl so fast and laugh harder than ever.

Have I mentioned she will eat EVERYTHING?

She will be one in a matter of weeks, but I've yet to get emotional about it.  So unlike me!  She just seems like such a baby still, so it doesn't seem real quite yet.  Don't worry - give me another month and I'm sure I'll be posting my usual sob story ;)

Monday, August 22, 2016

daddy daughter date.

A couple of weeks ago, Aubrey woke up to a note from Steve asking her on a date, complete with "check yes or no" boxes.  She immediately circled "yes" and then throughout the day kept putting more and more circles over it.  Needless to say, she was beyond excited to go on a date with her daddy!

Now, Steve how always been the best gentleman on dates.  He showed up all dressed up (with an outfit Aubrey chose herself - pink shirt and all), with a bouquet of roses in hand.  She was SO happy!

They had a yummy dinner at Cheesecake Factory and went to the mall afterwards, (she even got a gift!) and they both had the best time.   

Whoever dates Aubrey one day (in the far, far, FAR distant future) is going to have some big shoes to fill.  

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

'twas the night before kindergarten.

Tonight I packed my first baby's first school lunch, set out her outfit and backpack, read her her new Kindergarten book, and tucked her in bed with a prayer.

I can remember when Aubrey was a baby and I would see "first day of school" pictures of other people's kids and sob (I'm super rational like that) because I knew that day would come too soon for me to bear.  And... it did.  It's here.  It's freaking TOMORROW.  If you knew how many tears I've cried about this day (The "K" world as I've called it the past few months), you'd probably bake me a cake.

I can't help but worry about so many things tomorrow.   Did I prepare her enough?  Did I teach her enough?  What if she sits alone at lunch?  What if she's still hungry after she eats her packed lunch?  What if she gets lost somehow?  What if she misses me?  What if her teacher is like Ms. Trunchbull?!  What if she comes home cursing like a sailor from words she heard on the playground?!

I always thought since I've been able to stay home for her first five years, I'd feel ready when this day came.  I spent all the time I possibly could with her, so I could face this day with peace knowing I didn't miss a thing, right?  Wrong!  I don't think any amount of time could make me feel ready for this new stage.  I'm just. not. ready.

But she is. She's so ready! And deep down, I know that's ALL that really matters.

Although I have so many mama-bear worries, there's also things I don't have to worry about.  I don't have to worry about her not being kind, because she is a sweetheart.  I don't have to worry about her not including others, because she is a friend to everyone.  I don't have to worry about her being disrespectful to her teacher, because she is a good listener and rule follower.  I don't even have to worry about her eating her treat before her sandwich, because I know she will remember I told her not to.  She is such a good girl, & I know she will do amazing.  

So now I wait for tomorrow morning.  My game plan is to try my best to keep it together in front of her when it's time to say goodbye.  I will have a big lump in my throat, but I will give her the biggest hug and kiss, tell her "remember who you are" and all that stuff moms are supposed to say and watch her walk away with her backpack the size of her whole body,  literally walking away from this amazing, way too short stage of her life and onto the next.  And it will be one of the most heartbreaking, bittersweet, yet proud moments of my time as a mom.

And then, because I'm me, will go bawl in the car.  And call my mom and cry.  And watch the clock all day like it's a ticking time bomb.  And circle the school parking lot two hours before school ends like a stalker.

I've got this.  Right??!

Man I'm going to miss this kid!

Thursday, August 11, 2016

8 Year Anniversary

Last Tuesday Steve and I celebrated 8 years of marriage.  We got to spend the majority of the day together without the kiddos, (thanks to both our moms!) which was SO, so nice.

In the morning we went out to breakfast and then went on a short hike.  I'm so out of shape Steve had to push me up some hills, but we still had fun together.  ^^ Steve always wants to match me, it's so embarrassing. ;)

Later in the afternoon we had planned on going to the temple but it was closed for maintenance, so we went out shopping & to dinner at our favorite restaurant, Sutter Street Steakhouse.  Best food ever!  And most handsome company. 

So thankful that we made the decision to be together forever. The years just keep getting better with him! 

Ella is 10 Months!

Ahh, double digits today!  I'll skip the emotional "time is going by too fast" speech, because we all already know how I feel about that. (Sob!)  Ella is changing so much lately - especially just the past couple weeks. At ten months old...

She has sprouted her two front teeth.  They have a nice sized gap in between them, just like Aubrey had. :)  (As if she didn't look enough like her big sister, even her teeth are growing in like hers did!)

This baby is a CHOW HOUND.  She has never NOT liked anything we've given her.  She's also never DONE eating.  She usually has pieces of whatever we are eating for breakfast and dinner, and baby food as well.  She also always tries to grab her spoon and is a complete mess after each meal.

Has started babbling "Mamamama" - but of course only when she's whining.  Not ideal - but I'll take it!  She still says "Dadada" all day long, too.

She is becoming more and more mobile.  She still isn't crawling on her hands on knees, but she finally pulled up to a stand by herself the other day!  Not cruising along furniture yet, but I'm sure by next month she will be.

Still on her two naps a day schedule.  She gets up once or twice a night to nurse (eye roll), but it's only five minutes so I know it could be worse.  Plus I'm a spoiled mama and Steve goes and gets her for me and changes her diaper.

She loves music and bounces a little when a good song is on.  She also LOVES the piano, and will set there and bang on the keys for as long as I'll let her.  Perhaps we have a future Elton John on our hands.

She loves the dogs at my mom's house and if you say "Doggy?!" really loudly to her she'll say "Woo! Woo! Woo" Her version of "woof". :)

Still nursing all the live long day.  She has no interest in cutting feedings whatsoever!

If you say "Bababa" to her she'll put her mouth on her hand and make a "baba" noise right back.  Hard to explain but it's really cute!

She weighs 18 lbs & I forget her height.  I just remember the DR saying she was tall and on the light side.

Still rocking size 3 diapers & wearing 9-12 month clothes now.

She is starting to point at things.  She always gets a hoot out of waving at herself. :)

She is starting to be more playful with her big sisters.  She'll give them kisses, climb all over them, and giggle the loudest with them.  It's the BEST to watch.

Saturday, July 23, 2016

would you like fries with that?

The girls have been all about playing "restaurant" the past few months so when I came across these waitress costumes on Amazon a couple of weeks ago, I just knew I had to get them for the girls!  We had Grammy & Papa over for breakfast one morning last week and made our kitchen and dining room a diner for the day - 50's music playing and all.  The girls took their order, brought them their food, (I got to play cook for the morning) refilled their drinks, & even did some dancing on the side. ;)  They ended up getting a (way too generous) tip - it helps when you are this darn cute!

 Aubrey was cracking me up and taking her job SO seriously.  I told her I used to work at a diner many years ago which she got quite a kick out of.  She now wants to be a waitress when she grows up - let's hope she's a better one that I was.  I was TERRIBLE at it - dropping plates, forgetting orders - I always joke that waitressing is a harder job than being a stay at home mom.  Ha!