Tuesday, January 13, 2015


There was no stopping the Disney princess stage from hitting this house full of girls - and I don't mind one bit!   I love watching their creative juices flow when they pretend they are in a faraway land in their glittery dresses.  Not only do they love getting all fancy, but it's so darling to watch them try to act graceful and talk in a grown up princess voice.  If them dressing up in princess dresses inspires them to act a little more graceful, a little more kind, & makes them feel beautiful?  I'm all for it.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Kate's Donut Party!

I told myself last year after Aubrey's mermaid wedding party, I would go easy on parties this year.  As much as I love all the planning and details, it really does take up a lot of time & energy that I don't always have.  A few weeks ago I decided to have a small party/get together for Kate's second birthday, and since the first word to comes to my mind to describe her is "sweet", we had a little donut party.  Easiest/CHEAPEST party ever.  So girly and cute, just like Miss Kate herself.

Happiest, sweetest, little girl ever.  She'll ALWAYS be my baby ;)

I kept the decor super simple.  I was going to order a felt donut banner on Etsy, but the cheapest one was SIXTY dollars.  So I made one myself… sure it kind of looks like a second grader made it, but I'm a whole heck of a lot richer because of it!  I think it turned out kinda cute.  

The spread.. just donuts and milk!  

Anything looks ten times prettier on a cake stand.

Just donuts on straws.  Totally practical..ha!

Okay…these painted donut balloons were WAY cuter on the tutorial online.  Story of my life!

Taking a little bite of her inflatable ice cream cone :)

Aubrey wanted to deliver Kate's birthday donut to her as we sang…probably wasn't the best idea.

As soon as that flame got near Kate, she freaked out!  Guess we should have saw that coming.  We are constantly warning her about how "owwie, hot!" candles/fire are!  She cried, but soon got over it once we handed her a donut to eat.  (like her third one that day)

Washin' down that sugar..

Ugh she's just so cute.

Prezzie time!  Who says birthdays right after Christmas have to be lame?

Aubrey was so sweet the whole day on Kate's birthday, trying to help her get into the excitement all day.  She is such a little mother hen and after Kate opened up her princess barbie dolls, she immediately took the shoes off the dolls.  We asked her why she did it and she just said nonchalantly: "I don't want Kate to choke!  The shoes are little, and she could choke!" Melt my heart.  

Her RELLA dress!  

Monday, January 5, 2015

two sweet years with kate brielle.

Kate, Katester, Katester Bunny, Kitty Kate, etc.

It is the eve of your second birthday and I just got done rocking your one year old self to sleep for the last time.  I'll admit, it was a little hard setting you in your crib.  I knew the next time I'd see you, you'd be two!  Someday, when I'm really old and wrinkly and have silver hair, I hope to look back on these birthday letters I write to you and your sister and be able to remember bits and pieces of how you were at certain ages.

On your second birthday, I'll want to remember your cute voice and how you talked.  I wish I was better at getting videos of you talking.  Hearing you say, "Waddaya dooin'?" in your adorably curious voice never fails to make me laugh.

I'll want to remember your mega watt smile.  I'm hoping it never changes, so I won't really need to be reminded of it.  Here is a picture of it for good measure.  Look at those smiling eyes!  Your left eye shrinks when you smile, just like mine does.

I hope I can remember that your favorite songs were: Wheels on the Bus, "Wiki Wiki" (Skidamarink), & Twinkle Twinkle.  But most of all, I hope I remember that when you're tired of hearing me sing, you smile that big smile of yours, put your hand on my mouth, and say, "No more song."  It's a little insulting, but hilarious nonetheless.

I'll remember that puzzles and books were your jam.  Your princess castle too.  You love lining all the princesses up in a row and talking to them about who knows what.
I'll want to remember how your hair was pretty much always in your face/eyes.  No matter how neat your hair looks after I do it in the morning, by mid morning it's a total mess.

You love your sister, and you two have such a special relationship.  You guys play all day everyday, and even though you don't always get along, you guys always make up fast and get right back to playing.  I always catch you two giggling together and having the cutest conversations.  Nothing makes me happier to see your friendship with each other blossoming!

Every night we have a rocking/cuddle session before I lay you down for the night.  You lay your head on my chest and let me know what songs to sing. (Until you tell me stop, of course).  It's my favorite way to unwind at the end of the day.  You are an active little thing, and it's just so sweet to have you lay on me and be so still.

You LOVE to dress up!  You constantly ask me to put dresses on you. Your favorite thing is this huge light blue pettiskirt that you always call your "Rella" skirt.  You will also walk around in my high heels, and throw my purse around your shoulder.

Kate, your daddy and I love you so much.  We love who you are and what you bring to our family.  You keep us laughing, and you keep us on our toes.  You melt our hearts with your cuteness, swoon us with your charm, & make us so proud to call you ours.  Hope you have such a special birthday, and that you feel the love we and so many others have for you.

Happy Birthday, sweet girl!!


Wednesday, December 31, 2014

in a nutshell.

2014 has come and gone.  I've done a recap the past three years and they kind of make me wonder why I blog at all.  I could just do a recap once a year and that would do the job!


We kicked off the year celebrating our sweet Kate's first birthday.  She had a little Winter Onederland party and let us know with her fingers how old she was allll day long. :)

We took a trip to Napa with our family and toured a modern castle.

We took the girls to the zoo..

Steve-O turned 27!  He is 16 in this picture.


We celebrated Valentine's Day.

Kate had a peaceful zen moment at Folsom Lake.

We took Aubrey to Disney on Ice.  It's so fun when your kids get old enough to do stuff like this!

Aubrey's first dental appointment.  She nailed it!


Aubrey turned three and had her long awaited mermaid party.  She had a blast with all her friends!

We visited Disneyland and Aubrey met Anna herself!

We also visited Huntington Beach.  Kate hated the sand and was in our arms the majority of the time. :)

We had a BBQ and kayaked at Folsom Lake with Steve's family one evening.

Took the girls to Funderland on one of Daddy's days off.

I turned 25 (!!!) and Steve and I spent a night in San Francisco and went to the Giants opening game.

We celebrated Easter!


We spent a day in Downtown Sac and walked along the river.

Kate decided sand wasn't so bad after all at our beach trip with Steve's family.


Tagged along on Steve's work trip and played in beautiful Tahoe.  My parents came along too and we went on a bay cruise.


We celebrated America's birthday on the 4th of July.  The girls went to their first parade and spent the rest of the day at a BBQ and swimming at Grammy & Papa's house.


Kate turned 18 months!

Aubrey had her dance show and was a "rubber ducky" in her Splish Splash routine.


Steve & I celebrated our sixth wedding anniversary in beautiful Maui.  

We also went to Disneyland - I know.  We are crazy!


 Had some family pictures taken by Amy Schuff Photography.  Loved them!

We went to Disneyland again with Steve's family this time.  We had annual passes and wanted to get every last use out of them we could!


Halloween!  We got sick a ton this month but thankfully got better in time to celebrate the "big day".

Steve nailed the Greaser look.

Aubrey got her swag on at Bishop's Pumpkin Farm.

We went to Apple Hill with cousins.


We had a delicious Thanksgiving dinner at my mom's house.  Steve ran his first race in the morning and had a fan club cheering him on!



My mom and I took Aubrey to see the Nutcracker ballet.

We had a little family getaway to Tahoe to play in the snow.

Celebrated Christmas!

That was our 2014 in a nutshell.  2015, we are ready for you!