Friday, April 24, 2015

sixteen weeks!

I hit the 16 week mark this week & am feeling GREAT!  I was so used to being nauseous and sleepy all the time, I forgot what normal life feels like.  The feeling of being HUNGRY is awesome.

I had a doctor's appointment last week & the doctor said the baby is pretty high already for this stage in the game.  I always carry super high, which is great because I don't have to buy any maternity pants, but not so fun on the ribs!  I have a couple more months before that discomfort starts, thankfully.

The only (and I mean ONLY) bad part about not being nauseous anymore, is now I crave sweets, and can't have them much due to my gestational diabetes.  I have to say - I am VERY proud of myself for eating so healthy.  Before I was pregnant I ate dessert almost every single day!  We were constantly stopping by our local cupcake and cookie shops due to my sweet tooth :)  (No wonder I have gestational diabetes!)  I still splurge every now and then, but for the most part I'm sugar free.  I won't lie - it's a huge challenge!  I'm also supposed to really watch my carb intake - I try to only have really small portions of pasta and breads, or get whole wheat versions.  I basically have to eat like I'm on a weight loss diet, but have my OB nagging at me to put on some pounds.  I'm still three pounds under my pre-pregnancy weight, but I'm trying to eat a lot of protein to pack on some baby weight!

I'm still pretty dizzy some mornings.  If I don't eat a protein packed breakfast, I'll pretty much be useless the rest of the day.  Thankfully I haven't fainted in weeks and hopefully don't have to worry about that anymore.  Usually that's just a first trimester issue for me.

Since I've been feeling so much better lately I've been able to do SO much more with the girls like I used to, and it makes everyone in this house very happy!  We go to the park all the time, play games, and actually get ready every day :)  There were so many weeks I felt so guilty because I laid down the majority of the day, and if the girls wanted to read a book or play a game, I'd have them bring it to me in bed.  I'm pretty sure they thought I was dying!  I'm so grateful for how patient they were with me (and Steve too!) and they were always so caring.  If I was having an especially awful day, they would be my little nurses.  I had so many "check ups" from them with their doctor kits checking on the baby.

This is definitely my fastest pregnancy yet, and I'm well aware that before I know it, our sweet baby girl will be here to love on.  I'm already so antsy and impatient about  October getting here - I want to meet her so bad I can barely take it!  Now if ONLY Steve and I could agree on a name…. we had chosen Aubrey and Kate when we were still in high school (What, you didn't discuss baby names with your boyfriend at 16?) but we never quite had a THIRD baby girl name picked out.  I mean, who would have thought?!

Saturday, April 18, 2015

salt lake city.

A postponed wedding & nonrefundable plane tickets landed Steve & I on a very random kidless weekend in Salt Lake City last week.  I tried to get the plane tickets changed to another state we'd rather visit, but Expedia doesn't let you do things like that we learned.  We ended up having a great time in Utah and enjoyed the alone time.  

Our first stop was City Creek Mall & Temple Square.  It's so beautiful there.  Say what you want about us crazy Mormons, but you really can't beat our gorgeous temples ;)  Steve was making fun of me because it was 60 degrees outside and I was FREEZING.  I kept saying, "How do people live like this?!"  Everyone there was in shorts.  

That evening we had dinner at "The Roof" on top of the Joseph Smith Memorial building.  It was SO. DELICIOUS!  It was a buffet, but super nice with entrees like prime rib & salmon.  I was freaking out about the dessert buffet.  I wanted to have a huge plate, but this dang gestational diabetes let me only have a few bites.  

Also, shout out to my mama for fixing this dress for me!  I bought the maternity version from ASOS in their smallest size, thinking it would fit, even if it was a little baggy in the waist.  It was HUGE.  My mom saved the day and took it in for me, and left a tiny bit in the middle so I can use it during my pregnancy.  (Until I'm REALLY huge anyways) 

We decided to go see Insurgent after dinner, and were VERY pleasantly surprised to see the theater had LEATHER RECLINER SEATS.  I was in heaven.  California really needs to get on this, stat!  By the way - the movie was so good!  I'm usually not at all into sci-fi action movies, but I love this series.

The next morning we went to the Tulip Festival in Lehi.  It was beautiful!  

Steve isn't a selfie fan, can you tell?  We stopped by Park City in the middle of the day and had QUITE the experience on the Alpine Coaster. Steve kept reassuring me it was really slow and I'd be fine.  I asked the worker lady if it was safe for pregnancy and after she told me, "Absolutely!" I decided to go with him.   It was SO fast & SO fun - but the whole time I was yelling to Steve "If my baby dies because of this you are DEAD!  LIKE I'M LITERALLY GOING TO KILL YOU!"  all while laughing & crying.  (No worries - I had an ultrasound Monday and baby survived the coaster!)  

I've heard so much about this place called, "Swig," (basically Sonic) and their soda and cookies.  Definitely tasty, but can't really tell the difference between Sonic?  We were laughing at how long the drive thru line there was.  Diet soda is definitely the Mormon version of coffee :) 

We ended up trying Market Street Grill for our last dinner in Salt Lake.  Steve got this tiny salad and I….got this.  Haha!  #pregnant

The next morning we went and picked up our cute girls from Grammy & Papa's house.  They were so excited to see us & tell us all that they did.  We definitely kissed their little faces off - it's amazing how much you can miss your kids for even just two days away.  

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

girl girl girl!

We are so, so so excited to announce baby #3 is another GIRL!!  We went to an early gender ultrasound place and within 30 seconds of starting the ultrasound, the lady told us with no doubts that "it" is a "she!"  I am so giddy about having a house full of girls.  I'd be lying if I said it's not a dream come true.  Of course I would have been thrilled if it were a boy, but I definitely wasn't the least bit disappointed. ;)  Steve….is doing fine. Haha!

Steve's version of the announcement ;)  He was hoping for a boy this time, but is such a great sport.  He said as long as at least one of the girls is good at basketball, he's fine with all girls.  (Let's pray they don't get my incredibly unathletic, uncoordinated genes)

The girls are thrilled to have another sister.  I look at this picture and feel so lucky - I'll take ten of these beauties!

Sunday, April 5, 2015

He is Risen!

I hope you all had such a wonderful Easter Sunday!  This Easter happened to fall on our church's bi-annual General Conference.  I always look forward to hearing the inspired leaders of our church speak to us, and it's always nice having church on tv. ;)  

We had a great Easter - the girls were so excited to find that the Easter Bunny paid them a visit and left baskets for them.  Candy, a jump rope, chapstick, and Shopkins were the big hits this year!  After conference, we went to my mom's and both sides of our family had a delicious dinner together.  It was such a great day!

I don't have any pictures to show for Easter really, but thankfully I took some photos earlier this week of the girls in their dresses.  I have found that if I ever want to get pictures of the girls in a holiday outfit/Halloween costume, Christmas dress, etc. if I wait until the day of the holiday to take them there is no chance they will cooperate!  There's always too much going on, and the last thing they want to do is pause the celebrating and take pictures.  I can't blame them!  

I did a last minute tea party set up and had them go on a little egg hunt.  I was hoping that the trees would be in bloom for our photo shoot, but no luck because of this darn drought California has had.  I still thought they turned out pretty cute - love these sweet girls!

Easter is such a special holiday to me each year.  I am so thankful for my Savior and know that He lives!  I know that Jesus Christ's suffering and resurrection makes it possible for me to be with my family forever someday,  and that is the greatest gift anyone could ever give me.  Happy Easter!!

Thursday, April 2, 2015


Last night Steve was hugging me and said, "Mmm, you smell good tonight.  You smell just like you did in high school."  I shrugged it off, but then a few minutes later remembered I had recently just bought and used the Pureology shampoo that I used to use in high school.  I thought it was so sweet how although it was like ten years ago, he could still remember my high school hair scent!

I sure love this high school sweetheart of mine.  Those years get a little more blurry with each passing day, but I'm grateful for the memories we do have (and all the hundreds of pictures we took with our disposable cameras! :) )

PS- Remember when EVERYONE had a Coach purse?  Lol!

Monday, March 30, 2015

tis the season.

I'm not sure if it's a blessing or a curse, but I have always been very, very aware about how fast time goes, especially since becoming a mom.  Whenever those old ladies in the Target checkout lane touch my shoulder and say, "Don't blink.  It goes too fast."  I just want to kiss them and say, "I KNOW!  Thank you for the reminder.  I feel it already,"
I tend to get emotional often over my little girls growing up, but not because I'm not excited about them growing and learning new things.  I LOVE that part, and they only seem to get more and more amazing as they get older and enter new stages.

I'm just really, really attached to the stage we are in right now.  I love having sweet little girl voices wake me up in the morning, feeding them breakfast, getting them dressed, and not rushing off to go to school, or a bunch of other activities that I know are inevitable as they get older.  I love asking the girls what we should do that day and getting their input.  Park?  Playdate?  A walk?  Spend the whole day changing in and out of princess dresses?  Not being busy has been one of the greatest blessings in raising these girls.

This is our last full year at home before Aubrey starts Kindergarten next year.  While that fact nearly knocks the air out of me, I know I have been unbelievably lucky to spend nearly every day with her for all her years at home, and not miss a thing.  Staying home has brought me such joy and I thank God every single day that I've been able to do so.  The other day, I was talking to a lady from my church about her season of life (having several kids in school with different activities, sports, etc.) and I asked her how it is.  It comforted me so much when she told me "It's busy!  But I love it.  It's a good busy.  I get to help my kids with homework, watch them play their favorite sports, and I am their favorite person to come to at the end of their long days to tell me all about them."  It was so refreshing to hear her not dwell on the business, but relish in the joy of it.

My goal for myself for this year is to be as present as possible: really get down on the floor and play with the kids, say "no" less often, and just enjoy these sweet, innocent girls in this impressionable, delicate stage of life they are in.  I'm going to soak in this last full year of having my babies at home with me every day (soon to be three!), and look forward to the future.  Because as I've learned every year, there is so much to love in every season of motherhood.

To end this jumbled post of thoughts, here is a poem that is such a good reminder for me on those long days.  Keep a tissue handy…

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

twelve weeks.

 I had a doctor's appointment yesterday, and wasn't planning on the doctor giving me an ultrasound, but he did and it was such a pleasant surprise.  I loved seeing that our baby got bigger, and looks more like a baby this time. :)  It was doing flips and turns - I got all teary eyed because I'm a crybaby.  The doctor (who isn't my normal doctor I usually see) thought it was my first baby and was surprised when I said it was my third.  He said "you'd think it was your first with how excited you are!"  I can honestly say all of these pregnancy milestones get no less exciting each time.  I love growing these sweet babies!

I wish I could tell you my morning sickness is all gone - but it's definitely still present.  Some days I think it might be getting better, but then it shows up again.  I find that I just need to eat small meals throughout the day, and walk a lot. I also fainted for the third time last week, this time at home with the girls by myself.  Steve thankfully works two minutes away and came to save the day!  I also keep on losing weight, which is a little worrisome, but my doctor said as long as I don't lose 5% of my body weight to not worry.  I've also been really exhausted in the early afternoon every day, but luckily I can sneak a nap in if I really need to while Kate naps, and Aubrey watches a show.  Even if I just lay down and close my eyes, it helps a ton!  I swear I need to do a post about how to survive a rough first trimester with little ones.  I guess I can sum it up as: read lots of books in bed, have them bring games to you in bed, stay in pajamas the whole day if needed, and paper dishes are your friend.  Oh, and don't ever clean or cook.  Haha!  A good, patient husband helps a lot on that one ;)  I swear Steve is the new housewife around here and while it makes me feel so guilty, I know he doesn't mind and appreciates what I have to go through to bring these cute babies in the world.  And man do I appreciate him!  I know this all will soon pass and then I can make it up to the kids/husband for the past couple months that I've been a zombie mommy/wife.  

We get to find out the gender in three weeks and I'm SO excited!  We always go to an early ultrasound place so we can know as soon as possible.  Everything feels so much more real once you know the gender - and you get to shop. :)  I can't wait!!

The girls are still being so sweet about the new addition, Kate feeds my belly her sippy cup sometimes and says, "I feed the baby, Mama."  Aubrey always gives us name suggestions, and constantly asks us when she gets to hold the baby.  Six months is such a long time for a kid!  I can't wait to have three.  I may be a little too confident this time around, because I'm not the least bit nervous.  I was super nervous for my first baby, then super nervous about having two, but I feel so seasoned now.  Haha!  I've just learned you go with the flow and it all works out.  I'm mostly excited to fall in love all over again.  That "love high" that you're on the first few weeks after having a baby is like nothing else.