Monday, June 15, 2015

23 weeks. (Pink Blush Maternity, Part II)

I love this flowy, floral chiffon dress from Pink Blush.  It's perfect for church or a date night with the hubby.  It's totally wearable for post-baby too and bonus - nursing friendly!

23 weeks of this pregnancy has come and gone.  I'm enjoying this stage of bumphood so much - it really is fun being pregnant once the sickness is over.  I thought I'd do a little pregnancy survey like I did with my other two pregnancies this time - for old time's sake!

How far along? 23 weeks

Total weight gain: 6 pounds since the start of pregnancy.  

Maternity clothes:  Yes - from the amazing Pink Blush Maternity.  (Pictured dress above from there)

 Stretch marks? Nope - my last two pregnancies I used Burts Bees Mama bee oil and it worked like a charm.  I haven't been able to find it at the store anymore so I've been using Mustela - so far so good!

Sleep: Sleep is okay but I have to wake up to use the potty once a night and sometimes I can NOT fall back asleep :(  

Miss anything? Well, I missed being able to ride most of the rides at Disney last week!

Movement: Yes!  Mostly in the morning and right before bed.  Probably because that's the only time I can really lay and rest and notice it!

Anything making you queasy or sick: No thank goodness that awful stage is long over.

Gender: Girl

Labor signs: occasional braxton hicks, thankfully nothing more than that

Symptoms: Definitely sentimental and emotional - but I think I've been that way since becoming a mom.  Besides that, movement, and a baby bump - I wouldn't feel very pregnant at all.  I know the rib kicks, heartburn, and back aches are on the horizon though...

Wedding rings on or off? On.

Happy or moody most of the time: Happy girl over here!  Every day I feel blessed to get to carry and someday meet another baby girl.

Looking forward to: eating ice cream and brownies tonight, if we're being honest :):D

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Kate Brielle - 2.4 Months

Somehow my baby is almost 2.5.  Not sure how that happened, but I do feel like she is in need of a little update!  

Gosh I love her.  All day long she just tries to make us laugh - and succeeds every time!  The other day, she was picking her nose and we said, "Eww!  Don't pick your nose!" and she looked at us and said, "Just ONE booga, otay?"  I mean, otay Kate. If it means that much to you!
 She is naked about 90% of the time.  We get home from runnings errands or whatever and the first thing she does is strip down to her skivvies.  (And sometimes those come off too.)  Good thing she has the cutest buns ever!

She has the cutest voice of all time.  I really need to get her on video so I never forget.  My favorite is her voice when she is playing with toys and "talking" for them.  It's so high pitched and hilarious. She's in the really really adorable toddler talking stage where pretty much everything that comes out of her mouth sounds dang cute.  If you tell her not to do something, she will say "Otay, mommy.  I don't."  

Her favorite things to do these days are play dress up, (if she's not naked she's probably in a Cinderella dress), go swimming at the apartment pool (with her floaties she can swim "all by herself!" and she yells "I doggy paddle!" the whole time), & do "awts & cafts".  

Each day she needs me a little less, (especially with that big sister to entertain her), but each night she still requests that Mama (and ONLY Mama) snuggles and sings to her.  I know that those times are limited so I don't think I could ever say no!  

I feel so lucky to get to love her and be loved by her.  She is such a sweetie & fun to have around.  Kitty Kate, Katester, etc. - you are one loved little girl & I hope you always know it!

summer disney trip.

Last week we went with Steve's family to the happiest place on Earth - one last time before baby comes this Fall!  Some people ask how we are able to go so often - we definitely would NOT go so often without season passes.  We get the "Blackout" passes, so we can only go during certain times of year and days of week, but they all happen to work perfectly with Steve's work schedule (plus they are only times during the slow season so it's a LOT less busy.)  They are much cheaper than regular passes and literally pay for themselves in two visits!  So we try to sneak in three or four visits to make it REALLY worth it ;)  We are only about six hours away from Anaheim in Southern California, so it's not too terrible of a drive.  Obviously the kids love it - who doesn't love this place?!  I married into a hardcore Disney loving family, and I'm not complaining one bit :)

A lot of time is spent in this stroller for Kitty Kate around the park, but she doesn't mind too much. (That is one FILTHY stroller).

Dumbo ride with Grandpa.

 Usually Kate is scared of the characters - but she warmed up to Tink.  Maybe because she's a little closer to her size!

Teacups with Grandma - Steve & I refuse to go on spinning rides!

One family picture per trip is always my goal - and I never bring my camera anymore so these are all phone shots.  It's just so much easier not having to stress about a camera!

Kate loves the Monsters Inc ride!  For some reason Kate LOVES the villain of the movie, Randall.  We had to take a picture "with him"!

She didn't want me to hold her one bit while riding the carousel - my big girl!

My guy.  Love him and that hottie beard of his!  (Too bad he shaved it after returning home.) :(

 Queen Elsa greeting people as they enter the restaurant.  That $10 dress from HomeGoods of all places was the best purchase ever!  There were a million other little Elsa's around the park wearing the Disney version of the dress, but I liked this one best.;) I forgot the name of this place but they have the BEST beignets ever.  My mouth is watering just thinking about them.

Such independent big girls - they like to sit at their own table now!  Not complaining too much though - I'll take a "date" with their dad any day.

 Cutest sisters ever!  Kate had to let us know each time she saw the castle that it was hers.  "Elsa's castle!! My castle!"

I had to sit out on all the "thrill rides", but this girl didn't mind riding with daddy one bit.  I'll admit he's the total favorite!!

You might have seen on Instagram (@lisa_anne08) that I made quite an embarrassing scene in the middle of the Dumbo ride line.  We were standing there waiting, and I felt super dizzy all of a sudden and told Steve I was going to pass out.  Sure enough, I did - right on his lap.  I'm so thankful he was right there!  I usually went on rides like that alone with Kate while him and Aubrey went on bigger rides.  Turns out I get really low blood pressure while standing while pregnant. They had to stop the ride and call in nurses and pulled me away in a wheelchair - SOO embarrassing but they took very good care of me!  I'm no stranger to fainting so I wasn't too worried. 
 All the walking during the two days at Disney was a little rough on me, but I think it was good for me (us!).  I had some braxton hicks contractions on and off during the days we were there - I thought I had forgotten what they feel like but the feeling comes right back to ya!

We had a great trip and can't wait to go back next year when we have THREE little princesses to bring with us - that should be interesting, eh?!

Monday, June 8, 2015

Pink Blush Maternity, Part One!

I was quite literally tickled PINK when the adorable online maternity boutique, Pink Blush Maternity reached out to me to collaborate.  I had been following them on Instagram since I became pregnant this time around and was so excited to help them promote their line of cute maternity clothes!

This week I'll be doing a few posts wearing different items from their line.  This is embarrassing to admit but I've actually NEVER worn maternity clothes before wearing PinkBlush.  I would always go to places like Motherhood Maternity, etc. and the clothes would always be way too huge, or just make me look frumpy.  I'm one of those pregnant mamas that sees no reason to conceal the bump - I love fitted pieces that show off that big belly!

The first piece I have to show you is this adorable striped peach top with crochet detail.  It is so comfortable & fitted, yet leaves plenty of room to grow! (Because let's face it, I'm going to turn into a whale in a few months.)

Don't laugh at my wannabe fashion blogger poses - I definitely belong behind that camera!

Friday, June 5, 2015

sunset beach.

Last weekend we celebrated the end of Steve's busy basketball tournament season with a trip to Southern California.  As usual, we made a stop at the beach first.  We've been on several beach trips since having kids, and each time gets a little more fun as they get older.  Kate wasn't the least bit scared this time - she LOVED it!  I knew she would come around since she's part of a beach loving family.

And this is why you never tell a kid to say cheese to get them to smile for a picture, HA!

Her happy place.

Burying dad's feet.

My little beach loving lady and I!

Love these people so much.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

20 weeks!

I can hardly believe I'm already at the halfway point.  I swear after the yucky first trimester pregnancy just zooms on by!  One part of me doesn't want to wish time away and enjoy this last Summer with just the two girls, and the other part of me CAN'T WAIT to meet this baby girl.

We had our anatomy ultrasound this morning and everything is looking good!  Baby is still a GIRL and due to arrive right around October 11th.  

 This is the only bump shot I've taken lately - we are at an apartment for the next three months while the house is being built, and one of the features is a fitness center.  I haven't exercised once this pregnancy and it felt kind of good to walk on an incline on the treadmill for a while.  (Ok, 15 minutes, but more than what I was doing before!)  I feel like I really look PREGNANT now and not like I just ate two Chipotle burritos.  

As far as other little pregnancy details...

 - I had my first CONTRACTION the other night.  I was laying in bed, feeling her move because she's a little monkey at 9pm each night, and a few minutes later I felt my whole lower tummy tighten up and I could feel right where she was!  It lasted for about 30 seconds.  I do not remember ever getting braxton hicks this early with my other girls, but I know this is my third (fourth counting my miscarriage) pregnancy so I'm sure my body just does things quicker now.  

-Baby girl has a NAME!!!  We don't have a middle name yet, and I have some commitment issues with names, so I won't say just yet.  But it starts with E and we absolutely love it. :)

-Probably the best news of the week - I PASSED my glucose test!!  My old dr had "pre" diagnosed me with gestational diabetes just based on my A1C blood test and was having me test my sugars four times daily, but I did the "real" test this week and not only passed, but wasn't even NEAR having it!  I was so relieved because I had been losing more and more weight.  Since adding some carbs and sugar back into my diet, I've already gotten back up to my pre pregnancy weight.  I feel so much better - Steve was making fun of me for doing a happy dance when I finally hit 110 pounds!  I'm still trying to eat pretty healthy, but it's SO nice being able to add some yummy stuff back in.  I can actually give in to my cravings now!

-I feel the baby move each night now, & can feel her with my hands on the outside too.  Steve felt her for the first time the other night.  It's always sweet at first, but then a little creepy when you can really see body parts poking out of your belly. Ah!

-The girls are ALL about talking about baby E and I feel so good about how they will do with her in October.  To be honest, I was hoping they would all be a lot closer together, (I've always wanted kids really close together in school, church, etc.) but I feel like the age gap has been a good little break for them AND my body.  It's always frustrating when it takes a while to get pregnant, (and I totally get my fertility issues are microscopic compared to tons of other people), but God really does have a plan and knows what's best for us.  Praying and trusting Him throughout this whole process has been such a comfort!

I'm just really enjoying pregnancy right now.  I know I only have so many weeks before the heartburn, back aches, and feeling huge will begin, so I'm soaking up this "honeymoon" stage of pregnancy I'm in.  

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

goodbye, sweet home.

If you follow me on Instagram (@lisa_anne08) you might have seen yesterday that we are moving out of our wonderful home.  About a month and a half ago we found out that it's basically illegal to run a business outside of your home in the area we live. We've always thought maybe our HOA wouldn't be thrilled about it, but never really thought about it being a city issue.  Well after finding out we could be in quite a bit of trouble if we ever got caught, we decided to pray about what we should do: quit my business?  Try to move?  But we just moved here!  Needless to say, we both felt I should keep my business going.  Not only has it been SUCH a great creative outlet for me, it's also a nice source of supplemental income that requires little time away from the girls.  We put our house up on the market, priced nice and high, and we had an offer after three days of showings.  We were shocked!  

We had such a great experience building this house, so we decided to build again in the next city over (which happens to have even better schools & was rated the best city to raise a family in California!).  Our new house will have more space for our growing family, & a room downstairs perfect for a photography studio.  We are SO excited for it to be finished!  While it's being built, we are staying in an apartment nearby.  We are going to have to move again when I am 8 month pregnant - but I don't like to think about that very much. :)

Last week was an emotional one.  I cried as I watched the girls play outside in the backyard one last time and run through the sprinklers.  So many memories!  We brought little Kate home to this house.  It's been bittersweet to pack up the house and leave, but I know we will make even more memories in the new house.  I just get attached to things so dang easily!!

We just moved into our apartment yesterday and are pretty much settled in.  The girls are thrilled because the apartment has a pool & park - they like it better than the new house model!  I'm always amazed and thankful at how well adjusted those girls of mine are.  Home truly is where your family is, a place to hang your hat.  I honestly thought we'd watch our girls grow into teenagers in this house, but you just NEVER know what life will throw at you!