Wednesday, January 5, 2011

a day in our shoes.

One of my favorite readers & commenters, Emily, asked me if I would do a "Day in our Shoes" post about a month ago, & blonde little me thought it was some shoe fashion post.  After asking her for examples, I found that she meant she wanted me to do a schedule-like post of what we do on a regular day, with pictures!  (Duhhh, Lisa.)  So here for you Emily, is a day in our shoes!

7:00 Typically our day starts around 7:00.  I start hearing A babbling away in her crib.  I go & greet my smily munchkin & change her diaper, give her a bottle, & cuddle away in bed with daddy if he hasn't gotten up for work yet.  One of the sweetest parts of the day!

7:30 I throw my robe on & let Aubrey play for a while I make her breakfast. Her favorite thing these days is pushing her walker.

8:00 Today Aubrey had yogurt, cheerios, half of my banana, & a handful of blueberries.  As she feeds herself, I quickly have a bowl of granola, or some egg whites.  (Depending on how much time I have!)

8:30 I clean A up & get her dressed for the day.  (Mom's still in her robe!)

8:45 More play time-(making sure Aubrey doesn't fall down the stairs, saving her from eating a spider, teaching her that we don't pull the dog's tail, etc.) 

9:45 First nap of the day.  I give A a nap time bottle & rock her.  Sometimes she'll fall asleep, sometimes not, but either way she goes into her crib & falls asleep within 20 minutes.  Then it's me time for a while!  I throw on workout clothes, run on the treadmill, do a quick ab or arm workout (Gotta lift that heavy baby all day!), then shower, dress, & put on ma face!

11:30 Lunch time!  Today Aubrey had some turkey meat, whole wheat bread, string cheese, & pieces of tangerine.  I eat the same while she feeds herself.

12:00 I clean A up  from lunch, & then it's play time or errand time depending on what needs to be done!  I usually try to take her outside & go for a walk if the weather is okay.  She also brings me stories to read to her, plays with her many toys, & she loves to have music on during this time.  I try to keep things super active during these few hours so she takes a good afternoon nap.  It's the most exhausting part of my day, but so fun & I know she is entertained.

2:00 Bottle & afternoon nap!  This is when I get my housewife on & clean the house, prep for dinner if needs be, & go online to check emails, blog, etc!  I also have LOTS of bottle washing to do.  No matter how many I buy, I always seem to get behind on washing them..

4:00 Aubrey wakes up, I change her diaper & let her play while I start preparing dinner.  Steve usually calls during this time to let me know he is on his way.  Sometimes I'll put Aubrey in her jumper or play pen so I can keep an eye on her while I make dinner.

5:00 Daddy is usually home at this time!  Best part of the day!  Daddy & baby A reunite & then we eat dinner as a family!  Tonight it was spinach ravioli with salad & garlic bread.  Aubrey loved it, even though she threw half of it on the ground. :)

6:00 After dinner is cleaned up, & before the tv comes on, Steve & I read our scriptures while Aubrey plays at our feet. After scripture time we hang out, sometimes go on a walk together, sometimes watch some tv, it seems to change every night what we do!  

7:00 We give Aubrey a bath (not every day) & then it's jammy time!  We read her a story or two, give her loves, & mama gives her a bottle & rocks her to sleep.  My favorite part of every single day.

7:45 We catch up on our DVR'd shows, go online, & do whatever we darn well please.  Lately we have been very elderly-like & read in bed.  I kind of love it!

Thanks for taking a peek into our every day life!  I would love to hear what y'all do too!

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