Tuesday, April 26, 2011


So last Thursday I decided to do something really stupid & bleach ALLL my hair platinum blonde. I tend to always have these crazy ideas with my hair & end up hating them. I did take a few pictures of it, but it looked so bad I'm not even going to let you see them! Yeah, that bad! I looked like a cross between Barbie & a porn star--but not in a good way. My darling husband tried to make me feel okay about it, but I saw in his eyes that he thought I looked crazy. He can't lie to me! So two 3 hour salon visits later (like I have time for that??) & and unmentionable amount of $$$...I finally got the "Carrie Underwood" look I was going for.

{Bad lighting, it really is blonder than this}

Yikes...remind me not to put a picture of me right next to Carrie Underwood ever again! It's really not fair how gorgeous she is!

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  1. You're gorgeous too! Dang I really wanna see haha