Sunday, April 17, 2011

glamorous life of a housewife.

Tomorrow is the day that I would have gone back to work. Honestly? I am beyond grateful I'm not setting the alarm clock for 6:00 am & setting out my skirt & heels for the next morning. I love staying at home with my little munchkin and spending my days taking care of her, cooking, and cleaning, and even gardening! I never saw myself enjoying this kind of work so much, but I really do love having a full time job taking care of the people I love so much. I have time to do little things that I never have before that I never knew I would enjoy..examples?

Making the bed. I have NEVER made our bed more than a few times since we have been married. I've always gotten up for work & raced to go get ready, and never had time to. I know "you're just going to mess it up anyways" but I love getting into a nice, neat made bed at night, and so does Steve. It also makes our room look so much neater.

Making dinner every night. I finally am a good wife and feed my poor husband! There was way too many nights before where we would just end up going out to dinner or eating some overly processed, unhealthy frozen dinner. I love planning out the menu for the week and making balanced nutritious meals. This is probably Steve's favorite part of me staying home...

Gardening. My new found housewife hobby..gardening! Our yard was so boring, so I finally planted a bunch of bright colored flowers out front and in our walkway.

Cleaning. I had a pretty clean house before, but now I have time to do the nit-picky things I never got around to before...dusting blinds, wiping down baseboards, polishing cupboards, etc.

Walking. I love taking Aubrey out (when the weather permits!) in her stroller on our daily walk. It gets us out of the house and also gives us some fresh air--& vitamin D!

Couponing. I actually haven't started this one but I just ordered the Sunday paper yesterday and have been following a few blogs. If I can get a bunch of stuff for way cheap/free, why not give it a shot?? (Thanks for inspiring me Candace!)


  1. Yay. Thanks for the shout out :) I wish we lived closer! We could be couponing together :-(

    I love love love this post. Staying home is THE best and hardest job you will ever have. I am so proud of the decision you guys!

  2. I'm so glad you are loving staying home! AND I LOVE Couponing!!! :) let's share deals :) because once you get started you are going to want to tell everyone! :)