Monday, April 4, 2011

today i have a one month old.

today i have a one month old! wasn't i just at the hospital with you like..last weekend? apparently not! although time has gone by fast, at the same time it feels like you have always been with us, perhaps cause it's hard to imagine what life was like before you? i love you, my sweet not-so-newborn one month old!

At one month you:

-are sleeping about 6-7 hours at night, you are SUCH a doll. thank you.

-hold your head up like crazy, and are still trying to be a daredevil and roll over.

-you smile! you make your mom and dad turn to mush every time you do. now if you would just hold it for the camera ONCE please??

-are about 10 lbs, according to our scale at home. mom really really needs to start weight lifting, cause you ain't getting any lighter!

-warming up to your bath, but you still cry bloody murder when we take you out.

-still fit in most of your newborn clothes, but some of your sleepers are getting too short for you. part of me wants you to wear your nb clothes forever, another part of me can't WAIT to break out your adorable 0-3 month clothes :)

-love going on walks! you love looking out of your stroller and seeing the big outside world. (if you aren't sleeping that is)

It's been a pleasure Aubrey Jane, looking forward what new things you discover in your second month of life :)


  1. Holy Moley! She is already 1 month! :( It goes by so fast Lisa!!!

  2. She's growing up!! AHH!! Love her cute picts! p.s that last pict is a faint smile. I can see it!!