Tuesday, April 12, 2011

twenty two.

I'll skip the "Oh I feel so old" speech. I know 22 is VERY young, but being a mom automatically makes you like, 5 years older in my opinion. While most girls my age are in college, partying on the weekends, I am rocking my baby to sleep at night & grocery shopping on the weekend :) I don't mind at all! Taking care of this little girl is the most satisfying thing ever & I am so glad I chose to start young so I have plenty of time to have lots of little munchkins, & have the energy to chase them around for years and years to come.

My birthday was a good one, I had the sweetest gift ever this year (about a month early) I spent the day getting breakfast with Nikki, shopping with my mom, and then going out to dinner that night. Steve & I went on our first "non-baby" date, and it was successful! I thought I would be weepy and miss her the whole time, but surprisingly the date was just like old times, and we even found things to talk about besides baby things. Of course I bombarded her with kisses as soon as we went to pick her up! I'm definitely not ready to go more than a dinner-date amount of time away from her.

Here's some pictures from the weekend:

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  1. Yay!!! I told you! You need to do date nights at least once a week or once every other week. Totally important!! I'm glad you had a great birthday!!