Wednesday, May 11, 2011

date night.

since hubby usually works friday AND saturday nights, (tear) our date night usually takes place sometime in the middle of the week. this week it was tuesday. (last night) sometimes we take the little angel with us, especially if we are just going to dinner. we just make sure she is fed & slip her into our carseat & 80% of the time she will sleep, the other she will just look around & barely make a fuss. (we call her angel for a reason!)

last night we decided on seeing a movie, (my choice!) & going to chevy's, while leaving the angel baby with grandma. i chose to see:

i'm going to play movie critic now. i won't lie, the movie was pretty funny. i love kate hudson, ginnifer goodwin, the guy who place jim in "the office." & the hottie actor that looks just like steve to me, but i don't know his name. HOWEVER. the plot of the movie is so immoral for a PG-13 movie. i won't spoil it for you, but the movie is about a pair of best friends. one of them is getting married & the other one is in love with her friend's fiancee. in the first fifteen minutes of the movie, the fiancee & the "other" friend are already sleeping together! i just think it's awful that premarital sex HAS to be in every romantic comedy these days. this movie could have been so much more romantic & cute if they could just spare the bow chicka bow wow!! maybe i'm just being a molly mormon, but i'm going to try & be more choosy about the movies i watch. i would never want my daughter even as a teenager to watch this movie. i want her to know that the one night stands that are in these so-called romantic comedies are hardly romantic, they are, if anything, sleazy.

save your $10.00 or go see something different!

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