Sunday, May 8, 2011


i remember last mother's day was hard for me. i had just lost our first baby a few months before, & i was still pretty devastated about it. i craved motherhood. i remember leaving church crying after hearing all the beautiful talks on mothers, & seeing all the moms cuddling their sweet babies. then i realized something. mother's day is not about me. it's about my mom, & honoring her on her one special day of the year. if only i could have told myself that next mother's day, i will have such a sweet, perfect baby girl & have the privilege to be her mother.

i had the perfect first mother's day. i have a beautiful, healthy baby girl that is such a joy, & got to cuddle with her all day. steve made me breakfast, spoiled me with a few very thoughtful gifts, we went to church, i got to take a beloved NAP, & then spent the rest of the day with our lovely mothers.

happy mother's day to all the mothers, & potential mothers out there, you are all very special! especially my own mom, who is a perfect example to me. thank you for serving me mom, i love you so so much.


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  1. It has always been my pleasure and my honor to serve you and have you as my daughter. I love you sooooooo much words cannot describe. You are a wonderful daughter and a wonderful human being.