Wednesday, May 4, 2011

my sweet two month old.

My sweet Aubrey, today you turn two months!


Your latest tricks include:

-Smiling all the time, especially when mama smiles at you first. Unless you are crying or sleeping, we can pretty much ALWAYS get you to smile. We are glad you are such a happy girl.

-You have started to find your voice! Your little coos & we think "giggles" are so adorable, & we practically will make ourselves look like complete fools just to get you to say a simple "Guh!"

-You are a good little eater, you eat about four oz every 3-4 hours, except at night.

-Your record for sleeping in a row is a whopping 9 hours! You usually average around 6-7 hours in a row, which makes mommy & daddy very, very happy.

-You usually take one 2 hour nap a day & a handful of half-hour naps.

-A few of your newborn outfits still fit, but for the most part you are fitting well into your 0-3 months clothes. And you look adorable in each & every single outfit!

-You are such an easy, good baby. When we put you down to sleep, you usually only fuss for about 30 seconds, & then you are out.

-You sleep in your own room now in your bassinet. You are miss independent!

-Whenever I take you anywhere, you are a little angel in your car seat or baby bjorn the whole time. You love being in confined little places like you were in your mama's belly.

Love this little two month old girl.





  1. i love the monthly sticker, i totally need to do that!!! i need to find some!! :) & aubrey is the cutest thing in the WORLD!!! she is just beautiful, i just want to hold her!! haha. i wish we lived closer we could totally have playdates!!