Sunday, May 22, 2011

what it's like to be married to the hubs.

so i was tagged by Ashley to do a post about what it's like to live with our spouse: pet peeves, quirks, etc; without being too mean of course :)

-most stereotypical pet peeve of all mankind: after almost three years of marriage, my husband STILL has not figured out how to close that dang toilet seat. i have tried every bribe in the book, but i have almost given up. almost.

-steve is a clean freak! not too many men are, so i'm glad i didn't marry a gross, dirty, messy husband.

-steve will NOT kiss me if i have any sort of lip gloss on. he hates getting the glittery pink gloss on his mouth. when i go into kiss him, he always stops and checks my lips first! haha, rude!

-this isn't really steve's fault, but he seems to never be available each and every time Aubrey has a poopy diaper. He always happens to be at work, sleeping, or on an important phone call. very convenient, babe.

-speaking of phone calls, steve HAS to be standing up & walking around while he talks on the phone. doesn't matter to who, he immediately gets up & will walk aimlessly around the house while talking on the phone.

-steve is a FREAK about his hair. he does NOT like getting his hair messed up or his hair played with whatsoever. he is also very meticulous when he combs his hair in the morning & does his "doing his hair face".

-when steve brushes his teeth, sometimes he feels the urge to let all the foam build up in his mouth & let it drip down his chin & pretends to be a monster called "Tooth Paste Man" I die laughing every time he does it!

even if my darling hubby can push my little buttons at times, i love the things that make him quirky & different. it's what makes him HIM after all :) love you hunny!

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