Sunday, May 22, 2011

what it's like to be married to LISA.

I'm no blogger, however I decided to be a guest on "Tales of a Young Housewife" to defend myself. These are some things that lisa does that can drive me nuts as well:

1. I'm not opposed to "cuddling" at all, but no matter where we are if I sit next to Lisa she has to have some body part on me: Legs, Feet, Arms, Head. She's a touchy feely girl, which I shouldn't really complain about..

2. We have an Alhambra water cooler in the kitchen, and we keep 2 cups next to it that we drink out of. Lisa has this weird thing where she can't drink the last little bit of her water so always pours it in my glass. She does the same thing with food, she will never eat the last bite.

3. Lisa always texts me "hi", just "hi".

4. I come home from work on a Saturday night and when I walk through the door every single light in the house is turned on. She is a pro at turning on the light walking into the room, but terrible at turning anything off. Right when I walk in I have to go around turning everything off (maybe a little OCD on my part, or maybe I care about energy, or maybe the electric bill).

5. Ever since high school I have slept with what Lisa calls a pillow (I call her "Wifey"). I just like something to hold onto when I sleep. Lisa always makes fun of me for it, but at night she tends to steal it and use it, or gets jealous and takes it and throws it on the ground.

6. This might be the worse one of all: She has a tendency to get what she wants from me. I don't know if it's because she is so cute or persuasive or just because I love her. I am great at saying no the first few times, but Lisa can continue to work it and somehow I end with a puppy, or a green kitchen, or purple bed sheets. I like to think I wear the pants in the family when it comes to the main and serious decisions, but on everything else I fail.

I have lived with quite a few roommates and certain pet peeves have bothered me, but the good thing with Lisa is I never really get upset about any of it. Even when I try to change her I realize it's best just to shake my head and laugh. She is a great mom and wife and a blast to live with. I can be diplomatic and if she continues to let me leave the toilet seat up and lay my clothes on the floor, I will gladly turn off the lights behind her and drink the rest of her "dirty" water.



  1. LMAO!!! I was wondering how you got away with getting pink Christmas decorations! I get it now! Too funny :)