Friday, May 13, 2011

work it out.

so after ten weeks i'm FINALLY ready to start working out. this postpartum tummy flub is so not the business! the only way i can really work out is by doing exercise videos, if i just do exercises by myself usually just give up. but when i do videos i'm actually doing reps "with someone", so i usually always finish them. here's some of my favorite exercise videos from pre baby days, i'm starting to blow the dust off of them & start them up again!

here's the hardest of the three i do, even when steve does this one with me he's is way out of breath! they are just 20 minute workouts but WAY intense. i'm talking squat lunges while doing bicep curls with weights kind of intense.

don't judge me. haha, i love the dallas cowboys cheerleaders workout! can you blame me, who wouldn't want to look like them? this dvd has a low impact workout & a high impact one, the low one isn't worth your time, the high one kills though! i love feeling sore the next day :)

& then there's julianne's dvd from dancing with the stars. i love her! i love dancing & i think i'm decent at it, but i won't lie, i feel a little silly in my sports bra & spandex cha-cha-ing my tush upstairs to this. BUT it makes you sweat & it's fun, doesn't really feel like cardio when you are dancing :) disclaimer once more: you WILL feel dumb doing it.

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  1. I loveeee that Jillian Michael's DVD!!!! I swear by it and anytime I go in "diet mode" I dust mine off too !