Tuesday, June 14, 2011

bubbles the seahorse.

rewind: three weeks ago.

steve, aubrey, & i were at babies r us looking for a sunhat for our little one to keep her head shaded from the hot sun. we happened to stroll down the toy isle & i found the most adorable pink, musical, light-up seahorse in the fisher price section. i have never bought aubrey a toy since i still consider her my little newborn that just naps & eats & cuddles. i showed steve the less-than-twenty-dollar toy & he said verbatim: "No, she doesn't need that, she's too little to even care about toys." i gave him my best puppy dog face (successful for seven years & counting) & he said, "Fine, if you show it to her & she smiles, we'll get it." & i'll let you guess what miss thing did.

& she LOVES it, of course.

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  1. Olivia LOVEs this toy too!! Its great for when she is fussy before bed or nap time! :)