Thursday, June 30, 2011

movin' on up.

the other day, steve & i were eating dinner while aubrey was in her swing. we heard her fussing/crying but didn't think much of it, we thought she was just sick of being in there. then we look over & she was HANGING OUT THE SIDE OF HER SWING. she was buckled in of course, but somehow she managed to lean all the way forward & then to the side. i wish i had a picture, but i wasn't mean enough to have her stay in that position!

since that incident, we decided it was about time for aubrey to move up in the toy world, & get the "Baby Einstein Musical Motion Activity Jumper". she loves the thing, & looks like such a big girl standing up in it. she presses the buttons that play music & light up, & giggles to herself. it's seriously the cutest thing.


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