Wednesday, July 6, 2011

e.m.m. {emotional mommy moment}

i'm usually not one to post twice in one day, but i have some thoughts that i don't want to forget.

i've had e.m.m.'s before, but today i probably had the strongest. i came across a baby blog, a young mom writer with a little girl that looks a LOT like aubrey. she had just written a post about her daughter's first birthday & put a picture of her little girl at one years old. i don't know what came over me, but i instantly started sobbing.

my little aubrey is going to be one someday, & walk & talk & eat cake. she's not always going to be this chubby-thighed, cooing-at-everything, sweet piece of innocence that i helped create. she is growing older every single second. after wiping my big girl tears away, i scooped aubrey up & laid her on my chest, & snuggled her until she fell asleep.

i know she will grow up someday, she will crawl, walk, talk, go to SCHOOL, fall in love, & even possibly have a family of her own someday. but right now, she is my baby. i'm just going to focus on making her as happy as possible. even if she won't remember playing peekaboo, reading stories in the rocking chair, or bouncing her up & down until i swear my arms are going to fall off, the love i smother her with will help shape her into the person she will become someday. she will be my baby at age one, on her first day of kindergarten, & even her wedding day.

In summary: Just me freaking out again that I have one of those babies that grow. Carry on.


  1. THAT'S what I should call it! E.M.M. I have been having those ...basically since he was born too. Dreading the day Kohen turned one (which he just did the other day). I am just like you. Have enjoyed every little stage in life and not wanting my baby to grow up-so I totally understand. The other day I got teary eyed when it hit me he's going to leave for two years on a mission. It was too much for me to handle haha.

  2. omg, I can't believe I have one of those babies that grow too!! And every single word/sentence/revelation/laugh/potty on the toilet and the fact that a kiss from mommy or Daddy is like a miracle potion that heals all will forever be so very amazing! And even though they won't remember reading books, playing peek-a-boo and us catering to their every need, we do it because that's what good Mommies do! Maeson already tells me, "No, I'm not a baby, I'm a big boy...I can do it by myself!" and even though it makes me sad, I love it when he says that too!

    Alyssa Southwick