Tuesday, July 5, 2011

today i have a FOUR month old

today my little belle beauty is four months old. (if you want to talk about how fast time is going, you can find me in a corner somewhere bawling.)





Aubrey Jane, at four months old you:

-are still rolling ALL over the place. your newest move is rolling from your back to your tummy. i have to keep a heavy eye on you, love!

-are such a good eater still! you have about 5 oz every 3.5-4 hours. this month we can start rice cereal, but mom is not quite ready. you are still my little baby, not a spoon fed big girl!!

-you giggle. it melts our heart & we will act ANY such way to get you to do it.

-you can sit up by yourself for ten seconds! & then you fall forward. something tells me by month five you will have it down.

-you love putting anything & everything in your mouth. hands, toys, hair, headbands, your clothes, whatever fancies you.

-you PINCH. HARD. i won't be sad when this phase is over. i have battle wounds from you, sweets.

-you fall asleep nearly seconds after i lay you down. you don't need to be rocked or anything anymore. you are such a big girl, thank you for being such a good sleeper & taking several naps & sleeping all night. i swear i get more sleep nowadays then before you!

-you try to hold your OWN bottle. umm excuse me, miss independent, but it ain't happenin' yet! please stop growing up.

-you are in 0-3 month AND 3-6 month clothes. it's fun having such a wide selection. you will probably wear everything only once before it doesn't fit anymore!

-you love being read stories! i read to you every night in the rocking chair & you just coo at the pages & smile at my animated voices. i hope you become a reader someday.

-this is going to be totally cliche, but you are the cutest little baby ever. i get stopped wherever i go, & have gotten LOTS of Facebook friend requests just because i have a profile picture with you in it. i love how adorable you are, but i hope when you are a teenager you will be a huge nerd & not a beautiful, popular girl! i just want you to stay innocent forever! (i should really cut the cord soon)

-when i go to get you from your crib, you smile & giggle & are the happiest little sweetie ever. i need to video tape it soon, cause it's the cutest thing ever. you don't cry when you wake up now, you just talk. :)

i love you, little sprout. month four is about to be an exciting one. you are going to travel to a beautiful, magical place called hawaii. it's too bad you won't remember one thing about it. don't worry, we will take TONS of pictures!

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