Thursday, August 11, 2011


one of the biggest parts of my "job" being a stay at home mama, is to keep the house CLEAN. here's my current list of FAVORITE household cleaning supplies:

1.) Swiffer. So cliche, but I just love my swifter! I have wood floors/tile throughout my house besides the bedrooms, & this makes it so easy for them to get clean. I first sweep up dust/crumbs with a regular broom, & then I use the swifter wet refills after that to get them shiny!
2.) Lysol Dual Action Wipes. I love these wipes because they are rough on one side like a sponge, & smooth on the other side like the original lysol wipes. I use these in all my bathrooms, & the kitchen. Makes life just a little bit easier :)

3.) Lysol Cling Gel. Haven't found one that works better!

4.) Swiffer Dusters. My house gets SO dusty, & these dusters are the best. The dust seriously sticks to it, unlike other dusters that just sweep it onto the floor. The commercial does NOT lie!

5.) Black & Decker Handheld Cordless Vacuum. Anyone with stairs needs one of these! Stairs are such a pain to vacuum with your typical upright, but this makes it so much easier. (on your back especially!) The suction is so strong on this thing, & the battery life is pretty decent. It's also perfect for small area rugs.

5.) Mrs. Meyers Clean Day all purpose Cleaner. Amazing! Move over 409, this stuff is way better! It smells DIVINE, it's all natural, & works SO good.

What are YOUR favorite cleaning supplies?

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  1. Just came across your blog and love it!
    Nice to know there ARE young wives/moms that stay at home like me.

    Regarding this post, I am a Clorox fan, through and through. I'd like to try that Mrs. Meyers cleaner, have heard good things about it. I also LOVE Swiffer dusters. I like them for "in-between" the heavy dustings, when I don't feel like moving everything off the shelves/tables.

    I have been meaning to pick up a new Swiffer mop. I used to have one but threw it away for some reason. Now I wish I hadn't. Sooo much easier (and faster).
    (sorry for the novel of a comment)