Monday, August 1, 2011

feelin' mommish.

i've been feeling like such a mom lately.

-I wore athletic shoes with jeans the other day--IN PUBLIC.
-I used the word "playdate." I swore to myself I'd never use that word.
-My google history searches include but are not limited to "how to puree baby food", "is green poop normal for 4 month old?" & "organic pink baby crib sheet". Wow.
-I do the whole "here comes the airplane!" thing while spoon feeding aubrey.
-Sometimes my hair goes the whole day without seeing a brush.
-I found a diaper in my jeans pocket this morning.

Pretty soon you'll see me with a bob haircut & high waisted jeans! (Not!)

I love being a mama. I love feeling like a mama.


  1. The things we do, right?! :) LOVE IT though :) Also I have a book my neighbor gave me about making your own babyfood and TONS of other stuff. Its called Super Baby Food. She swears by it, I love it...even though we're not quite there yet :)