Thursday, August 25, 2011


i am full of gratitude today for my healthy baby girl. i just got done reading the most touching birth story here. (you have to read it. i promise if you have any ounce of estrogen in your body you will be sobbing by the end of it.) it's not your typical devastating birth story. it's not about a stillborn. it's also not about a preemie birth. (not that those don't make me sob either!)

i cannot even imagine going through what this mother went through. of course you would love your baby no matter how it came out, but having all of your expectations being taken away all at once? it would be beyond challenging. i love how honest & vulnerable her story was, & not sugar coated like so many are.

sometimes i take advantage of how easy i had it & still do have it. i didn't have a complicated pregnancy. i had a dreamy labor that lasted 5 hours. my baby came out with textbook weight/measurements. she's hitting all her milestones. i need to be more grateful for these things. i need to be more humble & realize how blessed i was & still am.

Now go read it here!!!

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  1. I remember reading that while ttc, it is an amazing story. Thanks for reminding me of it :)