Monday, August 15, 2011


reason my husband is a superhero #3485:

we are at walmart, husby's least favorite place in THE WORLD. i had dragged him there on his last day off of work before school starts because i hate going there alone. (antelope+walmart+alone=getting SHANKED in the parking lot. just exaggerating.) we had to get miss thing some diapers, so we go to the diaper aisle with stacks of all the different brands & sizes. i notice that my favorite diapers "Luvs" were on a REALLY high shelf WAY in the back. i start climbing on a rack to reach them, & realize there is NO WAY anyone could possibly reach them, unless they were a giraffe. they were WAYYY back there. i told husby the dilemma, & he just looks at me with a masculine-i will get you those diapers if it's the last thing i do look, has me move over, & starts climbing on boxes of pampers & reaches me the beloved "Luvs".

Such a man, I tell you.

After he asks me what makes these diapers so much better than the 10 other brands they offer, & i just smiled & looked at him & told him the truth. "They just smell really good." :)


  1. New reader here, this post made me laugh. Who buys diapers based on how they smell? LOL now i'm gonna have to smell them now