Wednesday, August 3, 2011

new addition.

no, i am not pregnant again! wouldn't that be something :)

i've invested in quite possibly the coolest baby gadget ever made: the beaba babycook. it is amazing & if my house was ever on fire, this is probably what i would grab. ok, not really! but really. :)

most of you know that i'm kind of an organic-stuff nerd. so of course i have planned on making my baby's food with whole fruit/veggies, pureed by yours truly. i knew this was going to be a lot of work, but now it doesn't have to be! this awesome contraption steams the food (which allows the most nutrients to be sealed in as opposed to microwaving), grinds the food up to a baby-friendly consistency, & even can defrost & reheat too! i have pureed avocado & banana so far, & plan on doing carrots & peaches today. i just pour it in a silicone ice tray when i'm done, pop it in the freezer, & defrost it when it's meal time! it is so exciting having aubrey try new foods & seeing the look on her face when she tries something for the first time. so far she loves everything i have given her & eats up every bite. it's not cheap ($150.00) but it's cost effective in the long run. the gerber baby food containers at walmart were about a dollar each. but one 60 cent avocado made for three servings! so it will pay for itself soon enough.

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  1. Good for you girl! Super cost effective and so much more nutrient dense for little Aubrey! Sadly, my Beaba has only been used 1 or 2 times due to B.L.W. - had I known I would have lent you mine ;)

  2. I admire you for doing the BLW!! I wanted to so bad but my doctor said it works much better for breastfed babies..bummer!

  3. Hello Lisa,
    My name is Kortnee, I was looking for your email address to get in contact with you, but couldn't locate it (if it is located.) I enjoy reading your blog, and we are neighbors on TopBabyBlogs (: I would love to link up and such. Shoot me an email if you get the time!