Wednesday, August 17, 2011


disclaimer: this is a really nasty, descriptive post. reader beware!

yesterday was probably the grossest day of my life.

i wake up to aubrey crying, much earlier than usual. i set her in her bouncy so i could go make her a bottle. i took her out of it & there is poop ALL over the bouncy, & her. & my arm. & my silk WHITE robe. Not that big of a deal, it happens. Then..

after all that is cleaned up & she had her bottle, i set her in her brand new, shiny clean high chair. little sugar decides to poop AGAIN! for some reason it's really runny &, of course, gets on her new shiny high chair seat. (Apparently green beans give Aubrey the hershey squirts.) i go clean her & the high chair. Then...

Finally everything is clean & she sits in her high chair ready to eat her pureed mango. out of nowhere, she spits up EVERYWHERE, down her face, neck, all the way down on to her high chair straps. & of course she starts taking her little hands & rubs it all over her face. she barely ever spits up so i was caught off guard. Bath time!

It was a messy day in our house. Good thing this little critter is the cutest thing I've ever seen.



  1. lol.... hahaha. I'm sorry.... I cannot.stop.laughing!

  2. OH my goodness Candace, I thought I would die hahaha