Monday, September 12, 2011

blogging for the future.

one of my favorite compliments ever would have to be, "I love your blog!" it's something i really enjoy doing. i love writing (well, err..typing) every moment that i want to remember of aubrey's life. since i blog, i feel much more inclined to take pictures that i before wouldn't have probably bothered to take. i bring my camera EVERYWHERE just in case i see a good photo op, & then i usually will blog about it.

i think (hope) aubrey will enjoy looking at this someday. reading about my struggles when she was a newborn, but also seeing how i loved her to pieces through it all. i think she will laugh at how dramatic i am about some things, & love looking at all of the MANY pictures i take of her. i hope she can read the words i write about her & just know how extremely loved she is. i hope she will read about how grateful we were to get pregnant with her after losing our first baby, & know she is all the more special because she was so wanted. i hope she will look at the posts that include my growing belly & her ultrasounds & be able to feel the joy in my words as i wrote them.

this blog is for YOU, aubrey.



  1. agreed! loosing my mom, best thing is her journal and pictures! keep on going! xoxo!

  2. What a beautiful sentiment! I also hope to show Lilah through her blog, that I was/am able to be a great mama and not lose myself or my identity at the same time - in hopes that one day when she starts a family of her own, she will have that confidence?! Keep up the great bloggin!

  3. so well said, i love this!!! & that is a gorgeous picture too!! you need to frame that, so special!!