Thursday, September 22, 2011

dear sixteen year old me,

if i could use a time machine & go talk to myself when i was sixteen, here's what i would say!

lisa, there are other stores out there besides abercrombie & fitch.  consider them, at least for socks?

lisa, take more pictures.  you are a picture FREAK now.  & you wish you had more pictures from high school.  

lisa, hold on tight to that hottie steve williams.  he is going to be an amazing husband & father of your baby one day. don't bother with any other schmucks.

lisa, realize how nice it is to have a flat tummy without knowing at all what a "carb" is.  

lisa, don't quit dance after high school.  you WILL regret it.

lisa, go apply at dr. black's office right after you finish dental assisting school.  don't bother with ANY other office, or restaurant, or salon, or..any of the other FIVE jobs you quit before working there.

lisa, learn how to change a diaper. hurry.

lisa, don't join track.  you are not athletic no matter how hard you try.  stick to dancing.

lisa, be more confident.  no one cares as much as you think.

lisa, proms are overrated & a waste of money.  sweaty, hormone-crazed teenagers rubbing their bodies against each other-in neon colored dresses.  dress up with steve & go somewhere more worth your time!

lisa, try a little harder in history.  lewis & clark were NOT husband & wife.  get that stamped on your arm, pronto.

lisa, listen to your mom. seriously.  


what would you tell your sixteen year old self?


  1. I loved this Lisa. I love YOU! So true about Abercrombie, EVERYONE wore everything 'crombie. And whatever about the flat tummy, I've seen it like 2 weeks after your baby was born & it is JUST AS FLAT as it was when you were a hottie dancer. love u girl ;)

  2. Funny! You know though, if you told yourself all this then you wouldn't be the adorable, amazing woman you are now! Gotta love the story of your past to keep you present :)

  3. Ah Lisa I am seriously and embarrassingly teary eyed right after reading this and looking at those pics and now reminissing about high shool, lol. I'm gunna do this too!

  4. have you ever heard the song "if i could write a letter to me?" by brad paisley? youd love it!

  5. Hello darling,

    i am a new follower! Your blog is so so lovely and your little girl is such a sweetheart,



  6. I love all of this. I definitely wish i could go back and tell myself some of the same things. Especially the husband and father thing just different wonderful man! =)

  7. AMAZING! especially that last picture OMGosh makes me feel so old! & you're so right about all this. You were always gaga for Steve, I will never forget how you were always talking about "when he comes home and when we start a family" and now look - picture perfect family & all grown up. Beautiful blog Lisa, so true. I may have to do this :) And thanks for the memories :)

  8. Enjoyed this! Especially now that I'm having a baby, I've been thinking about my own childhood and teen years. The prom - spot on...can't believe I went 4 years!! What I wouldn't do for that time and money back. O and those boys. The ones you chase even though they treat you not so great. Why did it take so long to realize they weren't worth my time? Will my child learn from similar heartaches?