Monday, September 26, 2011

first diy project!

i am not a crafty person.  you would think that i would have some mormon-pioneer-woman trait in me that loves all things homemade, but i don't.  i don't get a thrill from hot glue guns, sewing, & i cringe at the thought of spending hours on a project  that i easily could have bought.  

but for whatever reason, this last week i was perusing around Pinterest & found this adorable "spook banner", & i knew i HAD to make one.  so, once i put down aubrey for a nap i blew some dust off my elmer's glue stick & construction paper, & went to town!

every single item to make this came from dollar tree: the twine to hang the banner, the paper, the gluestick, the clothespins.  & i got it all done in one naptime!  i was so excited & PROUD so i made my mom one, too.  i instantly thought i was the next martha stewart until my husband came home & asked what first grader made that "art project" for me. 


  1. So super cute! I love bunting, so Halloween bunting is even better! :)

  2. I love mine!!! Thanks for making it Martha!! hehe

  3. ha ha ha ... hubby funy!
    looks super cute!!! :)