Wednesday, September 14, 2011

no ridin' dirty here.

i wonder how many old people are looking at the title of this post & wondering what the heck it means.

anyways, you'll never catch aubrey "ridin' dirty" at the grocery store with her cushy, CLEAN, pink grocery cart cover. she loves it so much better than her car seat. my arms also love not having to haul aubrey's 17 pound bum+whatever the car seat weighs up onto the cart.

it's more like ridin' FLIRTY with miss aubrey batting her long, thick eyelashes at every stranger.


  1. hahahaha she is SOOO cute!!! i love the title too!!!

  2. I love her dress. Adorable. The grocery cart is so way better than the carseat!

  3. It really is--much better on my arms especially! :)

  4. this it TOO funny!! hahaha, Riding flirty! LOL love it!