Friday, September 16, 2011

runnin' with it.

today while aubrey & i were on our daily stroll to the park, i sat down on a bench to feed aubrey, sort of near-ish these other moms who were watching their toddlers play in the playground.  i started feeding aubrey & i noticed they kept staring my way.  then they would look at each other, keep talking, & look my way again.  they were almost squinting & looking puzzled. i felt SO insecure.  is there something in my hair?  did i forget to put on some clothing necessity?  i was seriously getting weirded out & they kept staring!  

it gets wierder.

they had been on a bench about 100 feet away, & they came over & sat a few benches away from me.  umm, hi?  they were now trying to act all sly about it.  they kept talking, but i still noticed they would look in my direction every few minutes.  i just sat there, feeding aubrey, akwardly trying not to notice.  these ladies did NOT look familiar so i know they weren't recognizing me or something.  aubrey seemed to be taking FOREVER sucking her bottle down.  i couldn't wait to get out of there away from these weirdo stalker ladies. 

& then it gets EVEN weirder, people.  

one of the moms had her phone out & took A PICTURE OF ME.  she was straight up holding her phone up in my direction & i heard the little shutter noise that iphones make when you take pictures. she wasn't even trying to be sly at this point!  what were these very normal looking moms doing??  ok, this was getting disturbing.  aubrey was only about HALF WAY done with her bottle.  

thankfully, their kids came running up to them & they starting getting their stuff ready to go, & they come up to me.  "Oh my gosh, it's not really her, Becca!" one of them said.  "Sorry if we were creeping you out, we TOTALLY thought you were Michelle Money from "The Bachelor"!  Oh, how I was so relieved to hear this!!  I seriously thought maybe these ladies were evil baby stealers & were about to come ambush me, take my baby & head for the hills!  i'm dramatic.  

i laughed & said it's ok, & they were on their way.  but seriously.  they thought i was HER?  not, "oh, she looks a lot like michelle from the bachelor".  they took a picture literally thinking they were at the same park as her??  (obviously they don't watch bachelor pad, cause michelle lives in utah & doesn't have a 6 month old...)

these strange, stalker-ish ladies that were TOTALLY creeping me out instantly became my best friends when they told me that. 

i don't see the resemblance, but i'm taking it..& i'm runnin' with it!


  1. Ow ow! I would be jumping for joy if I were you! What a funny story. :)

  2. You are prettier than her, inside and out! But you do look like her!!

  3. You guys both have perfect hair and eyebrows!

  4. I see it too Lisa. You are both smoking' hot! Steve is one lucky man..

  5. She's a hottie - and COOKOO! So run with it, but only so far ;)

  6. wow, if they thought you resembled her- then you must be beautiful! :)

  7. Just found your blog through Meghann! Love it! And you do resemble her!
    Would love for you to come over to my little corner of the blogging world and say hello!

    Our little ones are a month or so apart!

  8. yes, you are way prettier.. this is hilarious none the less.

    i was thinking maybe they were lactivists, or something lol.


  9. LOL lactivists! So funny. You guys are too nice! Yes, she's way crazy on the show..but she DOES make it more fun to watch, I"m guilty to say.

  10. I can see a slight resemblance :) I'm your newest GFC follower and would love for you to follow me back!