Tuesday, September 20, 2011

what's in your bag?


1.) Petunia Picklebottom diaper bag-LOVE.
2.) Juicy sunglasses/case
3.) Extra paci :)
4.) Burp rag.
5.) Wallet.  From Kohls :)
6.) Viva la Juicy roll on perfume, smells SO delish.
7.) Spearmint orbit gum.
8.) Mac lip glass in fluster rose
9.) Only one diaper!  I need to restock!
10.) Original chapstick.
11.) Bath & Body Works hand sanitizer in sweet pea.
12.) Bath & Body Works lotion in warm vanilla sugar
13.) Fiber One bar-mama gets hungry too!
14.) Aubrey's Immunization record.
15.) Desitin.
16.) Baby book.
17.) Keys!
18.) Grocery list.
19.) cute little rattle doll
20.) Advil-for Steve!  I don't take that yucky stuff.
21.) Formula container, super convenient
22.) BIG thing of wipes is a must!
23.) Teether.
24.) Iphone.

Okay, what's in YOUR bag?


  1. Oooh - I wanna play! I will make sure and link back to you tomorrow when I post. FUN!

  2. You should do a makeup post! Your makeup always looks so beautiful!

  3. LOL! So funny to see how our purses/bags ingredients change as we age. Your's is pretty cute! LOL

  4. I would do it but I'm not computer savvy enough to make the numbers appear everywhere =/