Friday, October 14, 2011

flashback friday

early this morning i happened across a disc upstairs in our office that had pictures of steve & i opening our wedding gifts.  as i was clicking through them, memories flooded back to me as if i were in that very moment.  i had never seen the pictures before.  i see our actual wedding pictures all the time-around our house, on our computer, in books, so while i LOVE seeing them, it was just nice seeing a set of pictures from a few years ago that i had never seen.  then i started to cry.  i studied the pictures & saw so many details that brought me back to that time.  my nails were still done from the wedding, steve was wearing his "groom" shirt that i bought him, & we still had our tans from our southern california honeymoon.  i remember my cute nephew handing us our gifts to open.  i even remember some of the gift bags looking familiar.  i remember it was the night after we got back from our honeymoon at my parent's house.  we were in such newlywed bliss. we were in such an exciting time of our lives-first time living together, cooking our own meals, paying our own bills, sleeping in the same bed-(ahhh!), not having to say goodbye at the end of the night.  it was such a sweet time in our lives i'll never forget. 

& just for one, quick minute, i kind of missed being in that stage of our lives.  burning dinners multiple nights a week only to have my sweetie pie husband ask for seconds, coming home to our tiny apartment that usually smelled of marijuana coming from upstairs, but not caring & being so excited that we were just living together in our own place.  i kind of got sad for a moment wanting to transport back to that time, just for a day! everything was so new & exciting.

in the midst of all this, i looked over at my busy daughter on the ground next to me, she smiled & waved her tiny hand at me.  & i realized something.  my life is basically the same as it was back then--but better. i don't burn (as many) dinners now, but my husband is still the sweet guy that will make me feel like i made a masterpiece if i did.  i still get excited to climb into bed with him every night & say our prayers together & talk & laugh until we fall asleep.  i still love pulling up to the house that we've made a home.  & more than anything, i love being with the daughter that we both created & seeing both of us in her.  

sure, it's not so new anymore.  but it's just as exciting.  it's just as wonderful.  & i can't wait to spend the rest of my life (& eternity!) with my family-& burning dinners while i'm at it.

ps: i want my hair to be this long TOMORROW.


  1. Lisa, your blog is my favorite! :) You definitely have a way with words.

  2. You captured this feeling beautifully. I know exactly how you feel.

    And i'm jealous. My husband will not pretend to like my cooking if he doesn't. LOL.

  3. Beautiful blog as always lisa<3

    and yes! I'm jealous because Rick will not pretend to like my meals if he doesn't like them either! LOL

  4. Love that picture! You look so happy!!