Tuesday, October 18, 2011

grocery tag

every single monday i go grocery shopping.  like clockwork, we go right after aubrey's first nap is done, to ensure a smooth grocery run.  aubrey holds my grocery list for me as we stroll down the aisles.  i get the baby stuff first, then the dry goods, then the dairy/produce.  it's such a routine & i thought i'd share my grocery list "staples" with you all today.  these are the things i get without fail each week at the grocery store.  i didn't include the meat, & other meal sides because those change every time. (the fruit & vegetables also change season to season..)

back row left to right:  string cheese, milk (too cheap to buy organic), GoLean crunch Kashi cereal, orowheat bread, planters mixed heart healthy nuts, enfamil gentlease, bananas, brown rice

front row left to right: no salt added canned green beans, (only canned veggie i like!), eggs (again, too cheap to buy organic, sorry local farmers!), cranberries, peaches, avocado, & wheat tortillas. 

we also got some ground turkey breast & chicken for this weeks meals.  

what are your grocery staples?


  1. I get everything except the fresh cranberries. What do you use them for weekly or make with them? I'm always looking to try something new and fresh cranberries are always a puzzle for me.

    Weekly I buy chicken, fresh spinach, fresh strawberries, milk, eggs and tomatoes of some sort for my husband (fresh and/or canned) and Yoplait yogurt (with the red label and typically in only 2 flavors, peach and key lime pie).

  2. oohh, you've got me all of a sudden craving fresh strawberries :) about the cranberries-they are super sour but i just eat them by themselves-they are SO healthy for you, & you get used to the sour taste after a few :)

  3. I am a veggie and fruit fanatic! It never ever fails...when I check out I get the comment from the store clerk, "You eat a lot of fruits and vegetables!". Yes, I reply, plus I have 5 kids so it goes fast!

  4. I think we have the same list, except I drink an exceptional amount of coffee (with creamer) so I'm always buying coffee!

    I was so excited this year because we got to can our own green beans and corn. I felt like we were storing away for the winter like little squirrels. : )