Tuesday, October 25, 2011

october 25, 2003.

today is my husband & i's eight-year dating slash first kiss anniversary.  (yeah, we're one of those couples that celebrate any little day for an excuse to go out to dinner & have some alone time) i don't remember much about 2003, other than being with steve.   i was a bubbly freshman & he was a varsity basketball star.  he had asked me to homecoming a few weeks before, & i was over the moon excited. that day, i got my hair & makeup done for the first time, put on my little black dress, & had butterflies in my fourteen year old tummy.  i remember steve showing up at my parent's house, with a red rose in hand, looking dashing as ever in his black shirt & baby blue tie.  (do not ask why he wore a baby blue tie.  he still tries to defend himself on that..)

we slow danced, made fun of the sweaty teenagers basically fornicating on the dance floor, talked, & most importantly...shared our first kiss.  i'll always love how my first kiss is going to my last kiss.  

from that night on, we were inseparable!  high school sweethearts to the max.  it's amazing to me that this was all eight years ago. now he is my husband & father of my baby! 

 i'll cherish our dating years forever, they were some of the best days of my life. 
here's some (embarrassing) pictures of our young love days!


  1. ilove your homecoming pic u guys make a cute couple me and my husband still count our first date anniversary as well xx

  2. these are the sweetest pictures ever! I hope you have these all backed up on an external harddrive somewhere!

    I lost a bunch of my teenage photos to a virus :(

  3. So very sweet! It is my anniversary with the hubs too!!!

  4. This is too cute! You know something funny?, that disneyland pict was in the summer of 2005 right? Mallory and I were there and saw you guys lol! We were just too shy to say hi :) I don't know why I've never told you guys...I guess I just didn't really ever think about it before! Until I saw that pict!

  5. Thanks you guys! Meghan that is too funny. I understand though. We are SUCH intimidating people LOL