Wednesday, October 5, 2011

today i have a 7 month old.







ouch, that hurts to say.  SEVEN MONTHS OLD.  how old is your baby? oh, seven months. 

aubrey, this month has probably been my favorite.  your sweet & silly personality can light up the worst of days.  

this month you:

-are crawling FAST and FAR.  you have been crawling for a month & a half now, & i probably have never been in better shape from bending over & scooping you up to protect you from cords, plugs that mommy hasn't covered yet, dog toys, SPIDERS, the fire place, etc. etc. etc.!

-you wave at everyone ALL the time!  we'll be sitting at a restaurant & you'll start waving at people you see until you get attention from them.  when i come to greet you in the morning, you wave.  i'll be changing your diaper, & you'll wave.  & you always do it with that silly, two tooth grin of yours. 

-you wear 6-9 month clothing.  

-you reach out your arms for me to pick you up.  or if someone else is holding you.  i love it.  

-you love toys!  it's so fun to watch you discover & figure out how to play with a toy.  especially when you talk to it. :)

-you take 3 naps a day.  A two hour nap, a 90 minute nap, & a 30 minute nap.  you put yourself to sleep easily each time.  i'll stop bragging about that now so some moms don't come & smack me!  

-you think your bottle is the most hilarious thing ever.  when your done sucking, you play with it & shake it & laugh at it.  you are SO happy.

-you still have NOT said mama.  i am NOT impatient about that at ALL, haha.  

-still eating your solids well. -the only thing you haven't really liked is watermelon.  

-you get in some killer yoga positions.  i've never seen a cleaner downward dog.

-you love petting gabby, our shih tzu. 

-you get complimented most on your bright blue eyes, your full lips (thanks dad!) , & your ski slope nose. (your welcome!) 

-you went to disneyland this past weekend!  i know you won't remember it, but don't worry, we took lots of pictures :)  your favorite part was meeting belle, perhaps because you were wearing your own belle dress.  (or perhaps that is mama's all time favorite disney princess & she wants her to be yours too)

you certainly light up our lives, munchkie!  i don't know what we did before you were here.  i love spending time with you all day long, every day!  taking care of you is the best job ever, but please.  PLEASE slow down on the growing up?


  1. Love the ski slope nose... okay maybe I'm biased because I have one, but I love it :) What a cutie. Happy 7 months precious girl!

  2. oh my goodness she is TOO cute!