Thursday, November 3, 2011

5 Minute Mama Makeup..(5 steps!)

Whether you're a mom, college student, full time worker, WHATEVER, you probably don't have a lot of time to spend in front of your vanity mirror in the morning.  Even on days I don't leave the house once-I like to wear a little makeup, mostly to have a little more spring in my step, or in case someone decides to stop by, & of course to look decent for my husband.  Here is what I do on the days I'm in a rush (6 out of 7 days a week probably) in 5 steps!

1.) Instead of wearing foundation or powder, I put on a favorite of mine-tinted moisturizer.  It does your moisturizing and face makeup in one step-LOVE.  It's not awesome coverage or anything, but makes it so you don't have a shiny, red blotchy face.  Mac makes amazing ones-but if you're looking for a cheaper one, Neutrogena is a close second favorite.  

2.) Next, I dab on some eye primer.  Urban Decay or Mac is my favorite.  I put it all over my lid, & up to the brow bone.  Nothing too shimmery!  You're not going to prom!

3.) If I had all the time in the world, I would play with a bunch of eye shadow colors & blend & mix until I get the achieved look.  But when I only have a few minutes during a naptime, I just use one color-and it's ALWAYS brown.  I find that it pretty much is versatile enough to go with everything.  I just put in in the crease-between the eyelid & browbone.  Any cocoa brown color will work.

4.) Mascara-Two coats of two different kinds is my secret.  I use a lengthening mascara & then a volumizing mascara. Both drugstore finds!

5.) Lips-I love using a matte "lip glass"from Mac.  Whether you're a chapstick only girl, or red lipped vixen, put SOMETHING on those lips.

6.) & if you can spare ten more seconds, blush & bronzer can make a world of difference.  

Do you have any beauty tips for a mama in a rush? 


  1. Finally you give us some of your secrets!

  2. My tip... sunglasses, sunglasses, sunglasses :)

  3. Phew.... finally using proper capitalization. Love it. :) Now, please tell us exactly which two mascaras you use - I'd love to know. :)

  4. Lol husband gives me a hard time about my lazy typing, so I vowed to try better. My pinky fingers are already tired from the shift button, lol! I use the colossal by Maybelline for volume & Loreal Bare Naturale lengthening mascara!

  5. LOL... I'm sorry about your tired pinkies (but I love the caps!) :) Thanks for the info.

  6. Lisa you are so cute with your tired pinkies.

    Now, to be up front, no one has ever asked me for beauty tips so maybe I shouldn't be offering mine here, but I notice a huge difference in my skin tightness when I use a clay mask once a week. Makes my face less puffy.

  7. Love! I just got the Urban Decay primer two weeks ago and I must say it's LIFE CHANGING. Also - I just discovered a new (also equally LIFE-CHANGING) product - Sephora's eyeliner - for those of you who like "dramatic look" or just the black eyeliner for smoky eyes - it's called the "JUMBO" eyeliner and is $10 and I kid you not - it will not smudge or wear off ALL DAY! I fell asleep in it & woke up next morning and still looked brand new! So for those on a budget - that's your instant ticket to "smoky" eyes :)

    and totally with you on pretty much EVERY tip you just gave. especially the bronzer/blush effect :) it's always worth the extra 10 seconds ;)

  8. Sometimes if I'm REALLY in a rush just foundation and mascara does wonders!