Thursday, November 10, 2011

calling all moms, help?!

Dearest Aubrey,

I have a bone to pick with you, sweets. You used to be an angelic sleeper.  We'd put you down at night & wouldn't hear a peep until the morning.  For the past few months, you have decided that you want to have a party with mom at about 3 in the morning every night.  An eating party, to be exact.  I've increased your feedings during the day, I've added rice cereal to your bedtime bottle, let you cry a little, (but Mama is awful & can only last a few minutes), nothing works!  Your doctor says it's just out of habit & you only know how to soothe yourself back to sleep by a bottle.  Is this true, miss?  Mama has a very hard time falling back asleep after feeding you, & I'm sooo tired, love!  

Regardless, I know our nighttime "parties" will be far & few & when you are a teenager out at 3am instead (Yeah right!  Curfew is 11:00, young lady!), I will miss these times.  I tell myself that every night I'm feeding you. 

But seriously.  Won't be mad about it if you start sleeping through the night again. :)



PS. Any tips mamas?!  I can only wear so much concealer to hide these dark circles under my eyes..


  1. I feel your pain Lisa! My little boy used to be a good sleeper. Now? Not so much! He`s not long turned 3, and hardly ever sleeps through the night..every night he climbs into bed with me. I`m exhausted too! I would give you some of the tips I usd when he was a littler bubba..but they don`t appear to have worked lol.
    Enjoy every single second with Aubrey..they really do grow up sooo fast :-) xxx

  2. My son slept a total of 3 full nights since he was born.. and after those three nights he started getting up every two hours. if you figure out a secret to keep them asleep throughout the night PLEASE share!

  3. As hard as it is, you might want to stop feeding her when she wakes. The more you continue feed the greater the chance that she is going to continue to wake. By 8- 9 months MOST babies should have enough in their tummies to sleep through the night, and are just waking for attention. My advice, as a mother whose daughter did the SAME thing when she was about 8 months old, is to not continue with the feedings. Go in and soothe her for a minute or two, but then lay her back down and leave the room. It's hard, but after a night or two I would be really surprised if it continued.

    Good luck! This to shall pass!

  4. Have you tried giving her a little less each night? That's what worked for my son. Good luck :)

  5. I tried everything with my daughter at around 10 months and the ONLY thing that worked was to cry it out. I know how hard it is, it was awful, but only for a few nights. She has slept like an angel since!

  6. Thank you guys! Last night I actually put her to bed at 9 instead of 8:30, & fed her dinner at 8 instead of 6:30. And then of course gave her a big, warm bottle right before she went down. She slept all night! Not sure if it was just a coincidence, but I'm trying again tonight!

  7. Are you sure she's not teething? Nicolas' sleep schedule always gets turned upside down when he's teething even though he has no extra drool or is chewing on things more than usual. I always give in when he wakes up in the middle of the night by giving him a bottle because i figure he'll sleep through the night once again when he's ready. But that's it, I just give him the bottle and lay him back down, I'll turn on his music from his Scout puppy but I go back to my bed. He's learned that after he gets the bottle it's up to him to put himself back to sleep.

  8. Hi there! My baby girl did the same thing, starting around 8 months. She was sleeping through the night, probably like 8-6, or something like that, then around 8 months she started waking around 3 and wanted to nurse. I let her because I thought maybe growth spurt, she had started crawling so maybe she needed more calories,...who knows, I didn't have a problem with it at first because she would nurse and go right back to sleep...well it caught up with me and I became SO tired!!! And her dr. Said at her 9 month appt. that I shouldn't have to feed her then, and to let her cry it out. By 10 months, I couldn't take it took a couple nights and she cried a little, but back to a full nights sleep was heaven!! So I think it's just a little phase;) same thing happened to my girlfriend little boy that is a week older than my girl!!! We both said with the next baby... "cry it out" will happen much sooner!!;) good luck!

  9. We are going through the same exact thing. Scarlett hasn't slept through the night for 2-3 months. It is really stressful. I haven't found anything that works. If she doesn't fall asleep before 7 then she usually just awakes to eat and falls right back asleep. That I don't mind. It is when her naps are all off that makes her awake at night.. I always try the pacifier first.

    Have you tried the cry it out.. I once tried it during the day.. She cried forever.. Next week I might try working on her naps. I have to nurse and super baby her to take a nap.


  10. Hey! How old was she when she started this? Mine started sleeping through the night at 8 weeks but recently stopped & I am dumfounded! I've tried everything but she likes to pop up, not always to eat, but rarely makes it the whole night without needed her pacifier put back in. Any suggestions?