Monday, November 21, 2011


My heart is so full of gratitude this holiday season.  My eyes are filling with tears as I think back on the past year, it has definitely been one of the best years of my life. (Tied with 2008, since I got married that year!)

  This year I became a mother.  When I became a mother, I also became a better version of myself that I never could have been otherwise.  I'm grateful for the sensitivity, compassion, & love that has developed greatly in me since becoming a mother.  I'm grateful for an uncomplicated birth experience.  I'm grateful for my wonderful daughter & the joy she brings to me every single day.

I'm grateful for my Savior.  I'm grateful for how much closer I have gotten to Him and my Heavenly Father this year.  I'm grateful for answered prayers.  I must have said a million prayers the first couple months of Aubrey's life.  I'm grateful for my testimony.  I owe all my happiness to the gospel of Jesus Christ.


I'm grateful for my sweet husband.  I honestly couldn't have gone more right. I couldn't imagine being on this crazy ride of parenthood with anyone but you.  Thank you for still treating me like the same girl you dated in high school.  You make me laugh hard every single day.  Thank you for being a great daddy.  Aubrey is such a lucky girl.  She is going to grow up watching how well you treat me, and because of this, she will not settle for less when she finds a man for herself someday.  Thank you for being that man that moms and dads pray that their daughters find.  I love you!

I'm also grateful for my entire family.  Especially my mom. I cannot even tell you how many times my mom has come over to help me with Aubrey, or just to bring dinner when I've had a really hard day.  I'm very blessed to have her as my mom, and I realize this more and more each year.

And there's always the small things.  Hot chocolate.  Perfect weather.  Girly things.  DVR.  Nap times.  Good hair days.  When my daughter waves at me and says "Hi."  When my husband walks through the door after a long day. Blogging & how good it feels to express myself with words.  Baby kisses.  Husband kisses.   So many small things that make me so happy!

I could go on all day but this covers the essentials.  I hope everyone has a great Turkey week!  I plan on eating way too much, taking lots of pictures, and soaking in every single second of Steve being off work.   Happy Thanksgiving!  


  1. Here from the Shine Project! Love your cute blog!

  2. What a beautiful post. It's lovely that you recognize what you have, not many people do. Kudos to you Lisa.

  3. you left me with tears in my eyes! love your blog lisa!

  4. Discovered your blog recently, and I have to say I think this entry is so beautiful! You've inspired me to do one of the same!

  5. what you said about your husband, totally brought tears into my eyes. Even though we aren't parents yet, I completely feel that way about my husband! We are so lucky!! :)

  6. this is so beautiful!

    I especially enjoy your words to your husband. You are such a loving wife and mama. Your family is lucky to have you :)

  7. I absolutely love this post!! What a great mommy you are and also a great wife. You are so lucky to have such a beautiful family.

  8. Being a mother is the most remarkable blessing. Ditto to everything you said!