Thursday, November 17, 2011

mom tears.

Yesterday Aubrey and I were strolling around Kohl's looking for some new winter clothes for my fast growing little girl, & I saw a mom frantically looking for her son.  She shouted his name & was running all around, asking employees to help look for him.  She found him just a few moments later, thank goodness.  As I was walking back to the car, I out of nowhere lost it.  I couldn't imagine the terror that that mom had to have gone through in that 5 minutes of not knowing where her son was.  I hugged Aubrey a little longer than usual before I put her in the car seat.  I'm so grateful she is safe.


  1. That would be so scary to have your child missing! Even for 2 minutes! Those moments really make us think how precous life is and hug our little munchikns a little longer! Cute blog by the way!

  2. lisa you are the cutest, sweetest mom ever!!! i love all your blog posts :)

  3. My little one begged not to go in her pushchair once and I made her promise the hold my had tight the whole time. In the shop, she pulled away and in seconds she was gone. I shouted for her, ran round the clothes and shoes isles getting more and more panicked. I then started to go toward the front of the shop to tell the staff to lock the doors (!), when a lady shouted to me - 'she's hiding in the clothes, love'. I took ALL my will power not to shout at my daughter - she was only 2, knew no better. But she could tell that something was up and held my hand extra tight after that - and didn't even fuss when I put her in the shopping cart when we went to the supermarket. That was truely the WORST feeling ever. I would die for my daughter and the thought of someone snatching her terrifies me - reading your post brought back all those feelings of that day - wow!
    P.S I love your blog!


  4. Wow you are such a compassionate person!

    I remember getting lost in stores at times when I was a kid. Scary stuff.

    Just wait till Aubrey is old enough to play at the playground and you are meeting your friends for playdates at the park. I get mini heart attacks about every 10 minutes as she runs around and slips out of sight.

  5. Aw! I remember doing this to my mom when I was little; now being pregnant with my own little girl I more capable of imagining how terrifying that could really be.

    Your little girl is ADORABLE, by the way <3

  6. Just found your wonderful blog via Ashley Mieux from the Shine project.

    You´ve got such a lovely blog !!!

    When my kids used to be little I put little (but loud enough) bells on their little shoes. That made a funny look and I always could hear where they were. If I didn´t hear them any more, I only had to ask people: Have you seen a little jingling boy or girl? Never lost one of my five kids :-)))

    Hope I could explain in English what I meant to say in German.

    Dearest Greetings from Germany

  7. That really is so so scary!! I can't imagine what that poor mom must have felt like!

  8. Ah scary!!! I have been scanning through your blog, you are so adorable!! (and so is your cute little babe)!

  9. she is SO cute! just followed you over from where you're being featured ... love your blog :)
    youre newest follower,