Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Stuff my baby likes [8 month old edition]

I did one of these when Aubrey was a newborn (although at that time it was more baby products I liked--milk, sleep, & an occasional diaper change was all she needed back then).  I thought I would do one every few months to remember what products, snacks, etc. Aubrey liked at the time.  (Just my inherent desire to remember every single little thing about my baby's life!)


Baby Mum Mums.  These are perfect for grocery store trips.  They take her a while to get through one, & they keep her busy the whole time.  They are little rice crackers that dissolve easily in the mouth.

Puffs.  I just get the Babies R Us brand.  These look like little cheerios.  They dissolve easily & are great for practicing dexterity.  Aubrey loves the banana flavored ones!


Fisher Price Bright Beginnings Activity Walker.  This is Aubrey's latest toy!  It's helping her to learn to walk, & she loves pushing it.  There's also an option to have it not be a push toy for younger babies.  

Touch and Feel baby book.  Aubrey loves these cloth books that have all sorts of activities on the inside.  Mirrors, different textures, & rattles fill the pages.  Keeps her distracted for a while!

Learning drum.  This is hands down Aubrey's favorite floor toy!  She bangs on this thing & giggles when the music comes on.  Super cute.

Mama's favorites.

Nuby Learner Sippy cups.  We've tried a bunch of different sippy cups & all Aubrey would do is chew on them.  These are the only ones she will actually drink out of.  They're easy to clean too!

Baby pram sherpas.  Yeah, I didn't know they were called that either.  These are perfect for cold weather-it's comfy enough to wear around the house all day, warm enough to nap in, & cute enough to go out & run errands.  & those bear ears?  Totally precious.  

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  1. Oh my goodness yes. I have to agree 100% with the Mum Mums and the puffs! Alea loved those when she was that age too and I don't know what I would've done without those things!