Thursday, January 19, 2012

Advertising Info.

Got a blog or shop you want to promote?  

Sponsor Tales of a Young Housewife & expose your site to hundreds of pretty dang cool people.  We get 1500+ page views a day, 300+ followers on GFC, & have had great feedback from our sponsors so far.  

Here are the deets.  I only offer one size & price to keep things simple!

For $15/month, you get:

- A 200x200 ad on the sidebar for one month (I can make one for you if you don't know how)

-An optional guest post, (with or without giveaway), or if you give me a product to review I will post about it with several pictures, & include a link to your shop.

-I will tweet about the post. Twitter: @talesyounghw

Email me with any questions!

{PS: I don't sponsor swap at this time.}

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