Friday, January 20, 2012

just because my kid is cute.

10.5 months is such a fun (yet absolutely crazy) age!  Here's some cute little things that Aubrey has done in the past few weeks that I just DON'T want to forget when I'm old & gray. :)

We were cuddling before nap time & Aubrey had her pacifier in her mouth.  I said, "Aubrey, can Mama have a kiss?" She dropped that pacifier immediately & planted one on me.  

Yesterday we were listening to "Let it Be" & Aubrey kept yelling, "Beeeee!"  over & over again.

I came in Aubrey's room when I heard she was awake from her nap the other day, & when she saw me she said, "Maw-MEEEE!  Hi!  MawMawMaw!!"  It was the first time I heard her actually say, "Mommy" instead of "Mama".  It was probably a coincidence, but made me melt anyhow.

Aubrey gives her baby doll little kisses-not even on command.  She just loves that little thing.

She still sleeps with her little bum bum way high in the air.  I sort of hopes she does that forever.

Aubrey can say the word, "Pretty".  It sounds like: "PIH-EEEE"  She points & everything & says it.  It all started after showing her the "ooh, pretty!" flowers at Costco.  She's a little sponge!  Too bad she doesn't know what the word means, lol.

That's all the cuteness I can remember for now, but you better believe there's more comin'!  I'm sure when she's older & can talk more she will say dozens of cute things & I'll be jottin' them down all day long.  


  1. so so adorable!!

  2. She is too cute! Way to go on writting all these wonderful, adorable thing on there. You and her will treasure this!

  3. love aubreys little outfit. and you are such a good mom writing all these cute things down, i should have done the same thing when my son!

  4. Aw Aubrey is just too sweet for words....what a cute little talking sweetheart!

  5. That's such a fun age! The baby I look after is 9 months now... I love it, because he's still a baby, but at the same time, he is starting to interact more!

    SO CUTE!!! She sounds like a very sweet little girl :)