Friday, January 13, 2012

Life lately, in instagram photos.

Who else has Instagram?!  You can find me @lswilliams08.  I kind of love it!

Super in to the football game-her dad was so proud.

 Fell asleep in her pack n' play, snuggled up with Bubbles the Seahorse.

 Her first bite of Pazookie, this needed to be documented.

 Aubrey's favorite snack: apples.  She flips OUT when I take it away.

 Lovin' that swing.

 My cute friend Chantell sent us this shirt after complaining to her that all girl's clothes say "I love daddy".  So sweet!

 Made my mama lunch one day on her break.

 Asleep in the car on Christmas Day.

 Steve looking super masculine in my cupcake apron.

 My first battle wound from Aubrey..(minus the several wounds from breastfeeding, but I'll spare you.)

 She loves that little dinosaur bike!

 Lunch date with the best!

 My sweet little napper.  Sometimes I just stand there & watch her sleep for a long time.

 Just being indulgent on date night.

 A looks a tad scary here with the editing, hehe.

 A is always super cuddly right before naptime.  My fave.

 And another indulgent date night.  

Before church on a BEAUTIFUL day. 


  1. love them! especially the nap time ones. :) when i babysit or keep little ones, that is one of my fav things to them sleep. ;D


  2. great photos! i love instagram!

  3. Love all the pictures! Your daughter is so cute!

  4. Awesome pics. I've been following you on instagram for a few weeks.

  5. Love your week! :) Your daughter's smile lights up a room I bet!

  6. I must admit - my main reason for wanting an IPhone was so that I could Instagram (kind of an Instagram junky - haha)! Love the pics - Aubrey's growing like a weed :)

  7. Love that your man will wear your cupcake apron. Awesome!

  8. pazookie! her life has changed for the better forever. thank you for the sweet comment on my blog! xoxo!

  9. these pictures are lovely! the last one is gorgeous - you and the little one are too cute!

  10. Love all the photos! You and your daughter are the cutest!

  11. Super cute post! I lol'd when I saw your hubs wearing that apron! He's definitely secure in his masculinity which is great haha!