Saturday, January 28, 2012

saturday night thoughts.

Every night I rock Aubrey to sleep, I say a quiet prayer for her as she eats & drifts off to sleep.  It's such a spiritual, peaceful end to long & sometimes exhausting days.  

Lately my prayers end with some tears begging for time to slow down.  Sometimes I just wish I could press pause & let her be a baby a little longer.  I think no matter how present you try to be in every moment, no matter how often you are home with your baby, & no matter how much you remind yourself to enjoy every second, all moms wish they could just have a little bit longer of the baby stage.  

All I can really do is memorize those chubby cheeks before they have lost their plumpness,  store the memory deep in my brain of her tugging at my leg because she wants to be held, forever remember that silly four teeth grin that can only say a few innocent words, & most importantly--try to be present in every single moment of this way too short, but very sweet life.


  1. As always, such beautiful words. You are a wonderful mother trying to be present in every moment. That's the best thing a mom can do.

  2. I know exactly how you feel.

    Time waits for no man or woman, sadly.

    Such is life. At least you have an appreciation for what you have. Some people don't appreciate it till its too late.

    Take lots of pictures and write everything down. You will be so happy you did later.

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  4. I think you are a wonderful mother.. I can really tell! :). Don't worry even though she won't be a baby for much longer, and she will have be YOUR CHILD! :).

  5. I always go in Nicolas' room after he's fallen asleep just to watch him. I too try to memorize the curves of his face because I know that looking back at pictures won't do my heart justice. I tear up at the very thought that tomorrow he will have already grown from today. His baby like features are on their way out so his toddler features can shine through and it makes for a bittersweet feeling.