Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Today I Have A 10 Month Old.

We're in double digits baby!!  I refuse to believe that my child will be ONE in a couple months.  It just feels WRONG.  People do not even lie when they say it goes fast, I was kind of hoping they were all liars that just wanted to scare me.

Here are 10 fun facts about my 10 month old!

1. Aubrey took her very first step.  She had just begun standing on her own, & a couple days later she decided to take a step.  I definitely wouldn't say she's "walking" by any means, but it looks like we're very close!

2.  Aubrey is a social butterfly.  She is not shy by ANY means.  She says "hi" & waves to every person, animal, & object she sees.  She will put her arms out for you to hold her even if she has never seen you in her life.  It's super fun having such a friendly baby!

3. She celebrated Christmas & did not care one bit about opening presents. :)  Maybe next year!

4.  This should have been the first thing I put---SHE NAPS! TWICE! NO CRYING!  She also sleeps all night until about 4 or 5 for a quick bottle, then back to bed until 7.  I have to owe it all to the book, "Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child."  If you are having ANY baby sleep issues, read it.  

5.  She points at everything.  When you ask her where Mama, Dada, or Gabby (our dog) is, she (usually) gets it right.  She also can point to our Christmas tree & say "tree".  She did this 3 different times so I know it wasn't a coincidence.  Such a smartypants.  

6.  Her new favorite game: throwing stuff on the floor, make you pick it up.  Repeat.  

7.  Loves feeding herself now.  She doesn't even really need stuff broken up into pieces, she just eats everything like a little barbarian. :)

8.  She laughs SO hard when she's on the park swing.  

9.  When she sees her bottle being shaken up she drops what she is doing & starts clapping & giggling.  It's too cute!

10.  She is 20 lbs & 29 inches.  The doctor thinks she will be tall & skinny.  No one saw that one coming, right? ;)

It's kind of disgusting how fast you are growing up, little Aubs.  Every single day I love you more & more-it's the most amazing kind of love that I hope that you can know someday.  (But not for a very, VERY long time!)

Happy 10 months!


  1. She is just the sweetest! :) Aw #9 made me smile!

  2. Lisa, is her hair getting lighter? It looks so much lighter!

  3. You have a very beautiful little girl. I was reading over the things she does, reminds me of my little one.

    These years are amazing!


  4. Happy 10 months Aubrey! Your cheesy grin is too cute. :)

  5. WAY too fast, you aren't kidding, and it just keeps getting worse- but it seems like the older they get the more fun it is which is awesome. But yeah one day you turn around and you realize your child isn't a baby anymore! Aubrey is adorable, those pictures are simply darling! Happy 2012!!

  6. Happy 10 months cute girl!! It seriously goes too fast doesnt it? Zo is almost 8 months! Aubrey is beyond adorable and looks like she just loves life!

  7. Aubrey is just too darn cute! Love her cute hair style. Happy 10 months to that super cute baby of yours! All the photos are just precious.

  8. So cute! My daughter used to get all excited for bottles too. Adorbs.