Monday, February 27, 2012

Aubrey's Birthday Countdown: Labor & Birth Story.

Labor & Birth Story.

Before we left our house, we said a long prayer.  We got to the hospital promptly at 10:00.  I was admitted to my room right away & met my nurse, Jessica.  I changed into my hospital gown, & had to sign a bunch of papers.  While my nurse was explaining what all the papers meant, I felt really dizzy & told her I had to faint.  They gave me some chicken broth, ice chips, & jello since I wasn't supposed to eat solids.  (This girl can NOT skip breakfast.)  I felt better instantly.  Shortly after this, I got my monitors put on my belly to track contractions, & then my doctor came & broke my water.  Weirdest.  Feeling.  Ever.  It all just came gushing out & there was no stopping it!  My nurse put in my IV & gave me pitocin around 11:30.  I was in no pain for the next hour & just hung out with my mom & Steve, taking pictures & relaxing while there was still time to relax!

Around 12:30, an hour after the pitocin was administered, I started feeling painful contractions.  They were a few minutes apart, & I breathed through them while ordering Steve to feed me ice chips every now & then.  As the next 3 hours went on, the contractions got longer, closer together, & much more intense.  At 3:10ish, I was ready for an epidural.  I had always planned on getting one as soon as I felt I wasn't in control & couldn't take it anymore.  I wanted to really enjoy the experience & be in the moment.  I was checked & found out I had only dilated ONE cm!  The anesthesiologist came in & had to put the needle in twice because he did it wrong the first time.  All the meanwhile my nurse was holding on to me since I had to stay still during contractions.  I do remember the epidural hurting, but it's nothing compared to contractions.  Let's just say it was well worth it. 
Within fifteen minutes, all the pain was gone, & I was in straight heaven.  I was able to relax, enjoy the experience, & look forward to meeting my baby girl more than ever!  Only ONE hour later, my nurse came to check me & found out I was dilated to ten cm.  I was in shock!  I thought epidurals slowed labor down, not speed it up?  I dilated six whole centimeters in an hour.

Right after the epidural.  

She let my doctor know I was ready, & he said, "Nice!  I get to go home early on a Friday night!" Haha.    I pushed while my mom & Steve held my legs.  I still was able to feel contractions, so I knew when to push.  Twenty minutes of pushing & getting an episiotomy & a beautiful baby girl was laid on my chest.  Seven pounds, eleven ounces, twenty inches long, & absolutely perfect.

Now, I think any mother will tell you it's extremely difficult to describe what you feel the first time you see your baby.  The best way I can describe it is a moment of pure joy.  She was everything I could have possibly imagined, & more.  She was perfect.  All I could do was stare at her, smile at her, & cry.  I'm so grateful my mom was able to capture these images during these first moments of meeting Aubrey.  It was the best moment of my life.

To be continued...(Our hospital stay)


  1. What a beautiful & touching labor story, you were very blessed with a gorgeous, healthy baby girl! And hello? You look amazing for just having a baby in those pictures!!


  2. Haha i have similar pictures where I first checked in and I look all cute with my hair and makefup and then another picture hours later where you can tell the meds have kicked in lol. Those pics where you first met your sweetie are so precious!!!

    - Sarah

  3. What a great story of how your little miss was brought into the world!

  4. oh my those feelings are all too real. i remember my story as if it were yesterday..i loved everything about the day i delivered nicolas and from the sound of it you loved that day when aubrey came too!

  5. I love reading labor stories, since I will be giving birth in less than 3 months! Yours is precious! Can't wait to hear about the hospital stay!

  6. Wow your epidural sped up your labor? That is awesome! I hope my next delivery goes as smoothly as yours!

  7. So sweet...I can't wait to experience this myself one day...