Friday, February 3, 2012

baby doll kisses & a grumpy old man.

The other day at our local grocery store, we were waiting in line when a bitter old man came behind us & started complaining about how the checker was slow, & he kept huffing & puffing as we waited.  Of course Aubrey, who befriends EVERYONE, starts saying "Hi-yeeee!" to this old man.  Over & over again.  He pretends not to notice, he was much happier sighing & complaining.  But you see, Aubrey doesn't give up.  She works people until they give her the attention she wants.  She gets louder, "HIIIIIII-YEEEEE!"  And she waves at him.  And bounces up & down in the cart.  "Hiiiiii--yeeee!!"  Then she starts clapping her hands.  It started getting awkward.  This guy wasn't giving my sweet angel baby the time of day. But she persevered.  She was DEMANDING his attention at this point.  After what seemed like 10 more minutes of unanswered, sweet "Hi's", the grumpy old man gave in, gave Aubrey the biggest smile, & said, "Well, hello little darlin." 

I'm really starting to believe that she can put a smile on anyone's face.  

AAAAnd a totally unrelated video of Aubrey giving her baby doll kisses.  Melt.


  1. Such a cute post....I was playing the video while my little son was next to me and he had the biggest smile on his face...LOL...too cute!

  2. aww!! So cute. Kendra is pretty persistent when trying to get people's attention too. :)

  3. ugh. old people. why are they so grumpy?

    I hope that isn't us one day!

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