Wednesday, February 22, 2012

a miserable milestone + birthday party planning.

Aubrey got her first cold this week.  It's pretty heartbreaking to see those little dark circles under her eyes, hearing her wake up sobbing 5+ times  a night, & watching her struggle to breathe through her tiny nose.  I've been shocked that she almost went a whole year without getting sick.  I always thought since she was formula fed for most of her life, she would get sick easily, because that's what you always hear.  I'm grateful that we've made it this long, but it is oh so sad!  She has been more cuddly than ever, (which I'm soaking up let me tell ya), will stop out of nowhere what she's doing & start crying & hugging my leg, comes & lays her head on my lap, & is happiest with a pacifier & laying with mama.  It's unusual for her to want her pacifier during the day unless it's naptime, so I know she must be feeling pretty miserable.  I really wish I could just take the pain away.  

Besides our sick angel, things have been busy around the Williams house.  Aubrey's birthday party is two weeks away.  I never thought it would be so similar to planning a wedding, my goodness!  I have changed the theme twice, started out with really simple, small plans, & have turned it into something more elaborate as I see more & more ideas that I want to try.  People keep saying, "Oh, she won't remember it, so take it easy on the first year."  I couldn't disagree more.  Aubrey's day of birth was the single best day of my life & that is something to go ALL out on. I know the actual events & details may not stick with her, but the feelings she feels will.  I believe that a happy demeanor can be taught long before she has the ability to bring these memories to adulthood.  I want her to wake up that morning, eat her favorite food (blackberries and string cheese), turn on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (a very special treat for her to watch tv in our home), give her a party with her family & friends that will smother her with love & affection, dig through a delicious homemade cake & eat as much as she wants of it, and end the day with tearing apart tissue paper from gifts.  So while I'm aware she won't remember the intricate details of the banner I made, or the shade of pink from the frosting on her cake, I want to make her the happiest baby in the world on her birthday.  And every day.  

In the meantime, I better go shower now during her nap--or it might just not happen today!


  1. I hope she feels better soon!! Olivia has been formula fed since she was a little over 3.5 months old and I was always scared of her getting sick too! (knock on wood!!!) I've kept expressed bm in the freezer JUST in case!

    I keep hearing the SAME thing as I have been planning Olivia's 1st birthday party! I feel the same as you! One day I will show her pictures and she will see all the time and the little details for her special day! It DOES feel like planning a little wedding! haha

  2. Poor baby! My kiddos are both sick now too and I hate the powerless feeling it evokes. I wish there was more that I could do for them. I think we are over the worst of it for now but we had a rough few days. Hang in there momma!

  3. Nicolas didn't get sick until the week of his actual birthday and i was thinking the same thing that i was happy he went this long without so much of a little congestion.. but i totally agree it is so heartbreaking to see them suffer by not being able to breathe and i don't know about aubrey but nicolas couldn't hold any food down so it was hard to watch him not be able to eat solid food.

    i feel the same way about the birthday issue, i never ever want my children to think that their birthday is "just another day" it's special to me and their dad and it should always stay important and special to them as well! that is your ONE day of the year where it can be all about YOU as it should be! no matter what age! she may not remember but she will look back at pictures and think about what great of a birthday she did have!

  4. Poor baby! Hope she feels better soon!
    My daughter also went a year (or maybe more) without getting sick. And when she did, it seemed she had a cold every other week. Since I've been home with her, she hasn't gotten a cold *Knock on wood!*.
    Good luck with the party planning, and have fun!

  5. I hope your angel feels better soon. This is such an adorable photo. Birthday parties are definitely a big deal. I went all out for my sons first birthday party and although he may not remember it, he is still able to enjoy the photos and know how much he is loved. I make each birthday for him, very special.

  6. Oh noooo :( Poor Aubrey. I BET you are soaking up all of those snuggles, the little cutie.

    I think her birthday sounds absolutely fabulous. And while my little Elodie is only 4 months old (almost, lets not get ahead of ourselves!!!) I too will have an elaborate 1 year birthday for her as well !!! I cannot WAIT to hear of your plans for Aubrey's !

  7. I love how it's so obvious how in love you are with your family.

  8. look how cute and cuddly baby is?! so adorable.