Saturday, February 4, 2012

today i have an eleven month old.

Goodness gracious.  This is the last month you will be a something-month old.  And that is bittersweet.  Bittersweet has been the word of the day, the past several weeks.  You keep on growing & growing & getting funnier & developing more personality, but it's just going so fast & sometimes I just want to curl you up in my arms & snuggle you for hours on end, like the good old days. 

Today you are eleven months old.  That means in less than one month you will be one year old.  Which means you will be more of a toddler than a baby.  But let's get real--you will ALWAYS be my baby, just like I am my mama's baby.  And my mama is her mama's baby, & so on & so forth.  All humans are really just a buncha babies ;)

This month has been an exciting one as usual.  You have learned so many new things & are becoming quite a fabulous little girl baby.

This month you:

-Take more & more steps at a time.  Still wouldn't peg you as 'walking', since crawling is your primary source of mobility, but you sure are surprising us every day with how many steps you can take.  

-Your vocabulary is growing.  Your updated word list: Hi, (your most used), Mama, Dada, pretty (Pwee-eeh), Uh Oh, (your newest & cutest), dog, ball, Gabby, (our dog's name), Yaayyyy, (when you clap), and Ba Ba, (bottle). You also are pretty good at repeating words.  Could have sworn you repeated "I love you" today but it was probably all in my head. :)

-You bounce when music is on.  You LOVE music & we have a little dance party each morning.  

-Got your first haircut by Grammy!

-We have a 100 First Words book, & you can point to "baby" & "dog" so far when we say them.

-Got your birthday pictures done & I know they will be adorable!  We got them done a little early so I can use a few for your birthday party invites.  And so you wouldn't be walking & running away during them.  You did so good & LOVED your smash cake. 

-You are still a great eater, & eat whatever we eat, (sans seafood, honey, & nuts.) You love throwing your food on the floor when you are done.  Gabby loves this & eats it all right up.  

-You love playing on the couch & being totally crazy on it.  You are a total daredevil whenever you are on any soft surface.  

-You cuddle with daddy & me in our bed in the morning.  We love it!

-You have been sleeping SO good at night, & even let us sleep in a little now.  

-You love my iPhone.  And I'm pretty sure you broke it.  

-Wear 9-12 month clothes & still in size 3 diapers.  

-You got a new tooth!  Tooth Q!  I get a little excited about anything to do with teeth since my life revolved around teeth the last 5 years before you came along. (I worked at a dental office.)

-You love riding on your dino bike, swinging at the park, going for stroller walks, & riding on daddy's shoulders.  

-You are SOO active & always on the move.  You don't like to sit on laps or cuddle unless we are reading a story or rocking in your rocking chair before naps/bedtimes.  

-Bathtime is always a blast for you--you had a "blue" bath the other day, but didn't seem that impressed.  I however thought it was beautiful like the ocean :)

-You are starting to understand the word, "No."  

Aubrey, I am so proud of who you are becoming.  It makes me almost burst with joy that you are exactly who you are.  I love you so unconditionally, so blindly, & there is absolutely nothing you could ever do to change that.  

I can't wait to see what you are going to do to make me laugh today, because it's always something.  


  1. Happy 11 months Aubrey!! You are just too cute! :)

  2. Oh my goodness she's getting SOOO big!!!

  3. Happy 11th month to Aubrey! Just think of the amazing relationship you will have with her, even when she is the age you are now. I'm always so thankful to be friends with my mom, and she says the same thing. I hope you are able to enjoy her birthday without TOO many tears ;)

  4. Happy ELEVEN months!! Wow!! It is going by so fast!! She is so adorable!! Can't wait to hear about her first birthday!!!

  5. aww! Happy 11 months!! I can't even imagine how you are feeling about her turning 1! She is SO beautiful!

    Olivia turns 9 months this month and I'm already getting teary-eyed!

  6. I love these posts! It's amazing to look back on them and see how far our little people have come in such a short time!