Friday, March 2, 2012

Aubrey's Birthday Countdown! The First Week.

Our first week after taking Aubrey home was pretty blissful.  It did have some downsides, but we'll get to that later.  

Arriving Home.

I remember we came through the door, Aubrey sleeping in her car seat, & thought, "What do we do now?"  The anticipated labor & delivery was over.  Now was the rest of our lives part.  I tried to sleep but couldn't.  I had this really weird, unexpected boost of energy (even though I had slept maybe a handful of hours a day at the hospital) & I just wanted to hold & stare at Aubrey.  So hold & stare I did. :)  

If you ever wondered what I look like with zero makeup, hair a mess, & barely any sleep, there you have it.  

Aubrey's First Doctor Appointment.

The day after we brought Aubrey home, she had her first appointment.  Of course I came with a list of questions in hand, typical new mom!  Luckily our pediatrician is the sweetest lady ever & is happy to answer anything.  So grateful that she doesn't make you feel stupid or amateur for asking simple questions, because I always have plenty!  She noticed Aubrey was a little jaundice & asked how feeding was going.  I told her it was a struggle, (you'll hear about that later) & I felt like she is barely getting anything because of latch issues.  She said to meet with a lactation consultant & if that doesn't work, I needed to supplement with formula.  Besides that, everything was perfect & we got to go home & enjoy our little girl.   

Our Typical Day.

Can you tell I changed her outfit a lot?  Poor kid.  The days went a lot like this: hold Aubrey while she slept, take pictures of Aubrey, breastfeed, look up breastfeeding videos on youtube to see what the heck I was doing wrong, change diapers, hold Aubrey some more, cry because time was already going to fast,  take some more pictures, change her outfit, maybe sleep with her on my chest here & there, eat, repeat.  My mom was my personal maid for the week & was awesome!  I don't know how I would have done it without her.  I was also blessed to have lots of family & friends bring dinner throughout the week so I didn't have to worry.  I never touched my makeup or hair or put on anything other than pajamas & sweats.  I usually showered, but would skip it some days.  I was in heaven & didn't want to do anything but cuddle this baby girl.  I felt like if I set her down, I would miss out on something.  

The Nights.

Oh, the nights.  They were long & hard as expected.  We had Aubrey in a bassinet by our bed, & she did NOT like sleeping in it.  She also wanted to eat every hour, which took about 45 minutes.  Every time I would start to fall asleep, she would wake up crying & wanting to eat.  I remember being so sleep deprived & just crying.  I decided to have Aubrey sleep on my chest, & she slept MUCH longer stretches.  We did this the first few weeks until she warmed up to her bassinet.  The nights were no cake walk, but I guess she was worth it :)


In all honesty, if you ask me what the most painful part of having a baby was, contractions wouldn't even cross my mind.  Breastfeeding was simply the worst part for me, physically & emotionally.  I had always wanted to breastfeed so I had this HUGE goal of sticking with it no matter what.  From the very first feeding, it was very painful.  Aubrey had a very shallow latch.  I would clench my teeth in pain at every feeding, & the nurses told me it would go away so I tried my best to keep that in mind.  I tried every cream & soothing remedy on the market, but nothing worked.  I met with a lactation consultant, but she still would not latch on correctly.  It got to the point where my nipples were cracked, blistered & bleeding, so Aubrey would have blood in her spit up.  It was awful!  I cried so much about it, & it got to the point where I was simply miserable & dreaded feeding Aubrey.  I talked & prayed about it with Steve, & we made the decision to pump instead.  From that day forward, I was happier, Aubrey was fuller, & Steve didn't have a hysterical wife to deal with.  

The Newborn Pictures
We got Aubrey's pictures done at JCPenny when she was one week old.  The first one shown won some award & I signed a paper stating they could use the picture as examples in their studios & for advertisement.  Who knew she'd be a model so young?  Haha, I honestly think the pictures are just okay.  She looks precious of course, but as far as the quality goes, I wouldn't go there again..

  Even though there were a few really hard moments in Aubrey's first week of life, there were a million more magical ones.  I have no clue how something so challenging can provide such happiness, but it truly does.  I would do everything all over again in a heartbeat if it meant I get this pure blessing in the end.  


  1. I had the same burst of energy the first few days home too. I think it was the adrenaline. I am sorry breastfeeding was hard... I had difficulties with the first and pumped and did formula too. My second however was a pro! :) Each baby is different. I had both my children sleep on my chest too for the first few weeks.

  2. awwww what a little sweetie. She was a beautiful newborn. It's always fun to look back on these kinds of photos. I was looking at my daughters today.

    - Sarah