Monday, March 5, 2012

Aubrey's Sweet Shoppe Birthday Party! (Part One)

Can I just say how much fun planning a birthday party is?  (Granted, I had TONS of help!)  We had a very "sweet" time at the party, & trust me, there were LOTS of sweets!

For part one, we have the most important part of the day....

The Birthday Girl

Aubrey was still recovering from her cold, but she kept in good spirits as she toddled around in her adorable tutu & personalized onesie.  (Her first outfit of the day)

The outfit was sent by Hugwear, seriously adorable stuff!

Stay tuned for tomorrow's post, The Decor!


  1. Aubrey has such a sweet and cute face! And the outfit? To die for!! Can't wait to see the decor-I'm sure it will be fab!

  2. Ahhhh she is so precious! You can just tell she is going to be such a hottie when she is older, haha! I cannot wait to see the post tomorrow!


  3. So cute! Loving her little pink tutu! Glad it went well!!

  4. can't WAIT to keep hearing about this too sweet party! I love her outfit! What a beauty :)

  5. so adorable! i love the theme!