Saturday, March 17, 2012

Exciting News..

Nope, not pregnant! Haha, sorry for the tease.  

This week has been so gloomy with the rainy weather.  The weather has always affected my mood tons--& this week I've been all sorts of down, with no good reason at all besides the yucky weather.  I decided to get my "craft on" & make some flower headbands for Aubrey since it's a good naptime activity.  I ended up absolutely LOVING making them, & I can't stop!  It's been nice to fill up Aubrey's 3 hour naptime with something other than cleaning for once. ;)  I enjoyed making them so much I've decided to open my own Etsy shop.  Here are some that I've made!

The "Strawberries & Cream" headband

the "Mint Chocolate Chip" Headband

the "Raspberry Parfait" Headband

"Lavender Lush" headband

"Mademoiselle" Headband

  I don't have high expectations or anything (I know there's tons of shops that make flower headbands like this) but I'd be tickled pink if you'd go check it out! 

Here is the link: Violet Belle Boutique

I named it this because I love the name & thought it had a nice ring to it.  If we ever have another girl, it's definitely in the running!

Have a good weekend, stay tuned for a St. Patrick's Day post on Monday..Aubrey looked stinkin' adorable in her shamrock dress!


  1. OH MY GOSH! Lisa, these are the cutest flower headbands I've ever seen. You are talented woman, I swear you are amazing at everything you do! I want the pink and navy one!! lol


  2. Those are super cute! Isn't it nice when you find a hobby? Making headbands is too much fun. Good luck with your new shop!

  3. These are gorgeous Lisa!! I would so wear these on a string of pearls or something, LOVE them.

  4. These are gorgeous and beautiful. I wish I had the patience to make something like this. My little girls middle name is Violet. :)

  5. Love the head bands! Theyre beautiful!! :)

  6. SO, SO, CUTE!!!!!

  7. Hey gorgeous!! love the headbands! I just wanted to let you know that I tagged you in my 11 things post here:
    you don't have to participate of course, but I thought I'd let you know just the same!

  8. Love these, super cute!! Where'd you learn to make them?

  9. Thanks you guys! I'm having lots of fun creating new ones :) And Brittany, I found a tutorial online. It's very easy!