Thursday, March 8, 2012

Stuff my baby likes: 12 month old edition!

Here's a list of products/snacks/etc. that Aubrey & I are lovin'!

1. Tommee Tippee Roll & Go bibs.  I am loving these!  They are made out of rubber so they are super easy to clean in the sink. (No laundry needed here!) They catch dropped pieces of food extremely well.  OH, & Aubrey can't rip them off like she can with velcro bibs :)  Awesome!

2.) Veggie Straws. Aubrey is obsessed with these!  They look disgusting hence the green, orange, & yellow colors, but they taste like a baked potato chip.  They have no preservatives & are all natural which is a plus!  (Another plus is--I like them too!)

3.  Alphabet Wooden Blocks.  We got these for Aubrey's birthday, thinking it was about time we start helping her learn the ABCs.  She thinks these blocks are the best thing ever.  She bangs them together, stacks them, & knocks over towers & laughs until she can't breathe!  I show her the letter on the block & tell her what it is & she can repeat a few!  They WILL be all over your house, but so worth it!

4. Numbers, Shapes, & Colors Book: Hands down Aubrey's favorite book!  She loves the bright colors, & pointing to things she recognizes.  Whenever I hold out some books for her to choose from, she always grabs this one.  I don't know what is is!

5.  Plastic Food Set: I can't find the exact one we have, but my friend Brianna got this for Aubrey & she hasn't stopped playing with it since!  She hands me one of the pieces, & I "eat" it & she thinks it's hilarious.  She'll do it again & again & I just go along with it because it's so dang cute.  Her set also came with a little basket & she likes to put all the food in there, & take it all out.  Whatever keeps this kid busy I'm all for!

And...just something I've been loving lately is this gem.  I've tried every self tanner on the market, & they are just a pain to apply.  This ISN'T a self tanner because it works instantly, & washes off in the shower.  It is super easy to apply, doesn't smell bad, & makes your skin look...airbrushed!  I just use it if I want an extra little "glow" that day.  It's supposed to be for your legs, but I use it on my arms, too.  I know some people that even use it on their face!  Try it out if you are feeling extra vampirish like myself lately.


  1. I love a good fake tanner! ;)

  2. Nicolas loves his blocks too! And I'll have to pick up a bag of the veggie straws to see if he likes them. I'm all about veggie/fruit snacks that are healthy (for him that is) lol.

    PS i love that sally hansen tan in a can! i used it for my wedding and it worked great!

  3. My little one, loves the veggie straws. She is completely addicted.

    I have never tried the spray self tanner, but I have tried the lotion kind and I looked like a tiger. I might have to look it up where to find the Airbrush Legs, your talking about.


  4. Mmm love veggie starws!! Thanks for the tip on the blocks!! Olivia loves that book too!! Another mama friend recommended got it for Olivia as a gift!